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Grant Funding Of Computer Business For Enterprising Polio Disabled Man

by Kingsley Ubochi
(Ikeduru, Imo, Nigeria)

I'm the 39-year-old male child of the late Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Ubochi from Amii-Akabo in Ikeduru Local Government Area of Imo-State, Nigeria.

I'm married with two kids: a boy who is six and a girl, who is one year and three months. I'm currently residing at Abiakpo Ntak Inyang, Ikot Ekpene, Akwaibom-State, Nigeria.

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Disability Issues

A poliomyelitis infection paralyzed my right leg at a tender age. It affected the left leg that was carrying my body with the support of walking stick.

The infection was caused by an intramuscular injection when I was two years old. It resulted in the following complication: abscess, persistent pain and wheal formation.

Financial Hardship

I'm suffering from lack and want as a result of poverty, no job and disempowerment. I am barely able to pay house rent, feed the children and pay their school fees.

Even going for a medical check up is difficult for me because of no money. My case is pathetic and needs pragmatic attention.

I have a formal education in computer science and I'm proficient in computer operations. I'm capable of managing a computer outfit to make money and become self-reliant, but there is no opportunity and there is no money to start it.

Income Efforts

I have made several efforts in job searching, but all to no avail.

I have written applications for job support to Government agencies and private companies but have not received a positive response.

I have tendered business proposals to many organizations for support and nothing has come out of it.

My wife is treading on second-hand clothes and she helps out with food as much as she can.

Often, I beg for alms from people and churches, but that is not always productive.

Specific Needs

I need help to deal with the following problems:

- Lack of empowerment and employment
- Poverty
- Mobility
- Health

I need grant money to finance and set up an Internet business organization to make money, overcome poverty and train others to be self-reliant.

Business Idea

If financial and material support will be given to me, I will set up an Internet business organization and the name shall be Akinsy Internet Business organization.

It will be situated very close to Akwaibom State polytechnic, along Aba road, Ikot Ekpene, because of the nearby student population, workers and the environment. It is going to be a profit-making venture.

The materials needed to set up the business are as follows: (a) tricycle machine, (b) computer sets, (c) DVD ROM, (d) printer, (e) scanner, (f) copier, (g) binding and laminating machine, (h) Decoder, (MYTV or HITV type), (i) pan for decoder, (j) wireless router, (k) cables, (l) switches, (m) power generator, (n) lockup shop, (o) Ethernet cards, (p) tables and chairs.

This would enable me to open up an Internet business center to make money and overcome poverty and unemployment. As a proficient computer operator, this business will be of advantage to me, spur my life into greater earning and train others to become self-reliant, instead of begging along highways, streets, motor parks and market squares.

With these requirements indicated, I can strongly provide the following services to generate income: training, browsing, research, photocopying, type-setting and printing, scanning, laminating, spiral binding, agent, printing and sales of recharge cards, home base importation, and E-registration such as university matriculation exams, senior school certificate exams, NECO, GCE, etc.

I am optimistic that the business will thrive because of my skill, talent, spiritual gift, environment and population of students and workers.

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