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Grant Funding To Help Accident Disabled Army Vet Start Engraving Business

by Brian Toney
(Brunswick, OH, USA)

I'm a 48-year-old male Army veteran. I served in Germany in the mid-80s as a Black Hawk crew chief.

I owned my own crane business from 2004 until my accident in 2009. I live with my mom. She's 77 and it's hard for her helping me.

Disability Issues

I wrecked my Harley in July of 2009 and broke my neck and back. I burst my T6 vertebrae, which made me paraplegic.

They put in two titanium rods attached to vertebrae about nine inches long. And they also had to do a bone fusion on my T6, T7, T8 and T9 vertebrae.

I also had bleeding on the brain and they had to drill a hole and insert a pressure gauge to regulate bleeding and pressure, which put me in a coma.

It gave me permanent damage to the front right lobe, which affects my short-term memory.

Now I have massive nerve pain at the level of my break that goes all the way around my ribcage.

Getting up into my wheelchair is horrible due to the pain. I rarely get up anymore.

Financial Hardship

I get $710/month from SSI and $35/month food stamps and that's all.

My wife filed for divorce while I was in my four-week coma and I lost my house.

I now live with my 77-year-old mom. She does not drive and neither do I now. I can't get into my truck and my mom does not drive.

Medicaid covers my medications and my medical bills. I want to be able to get my own place but I can't get a car because I can't afford it.

It's the same with the place where I liveā€¦ $700 will not cover an apartment where I live.

Income Efforts

I do get SSI and $35 a month in food stamps.

I can't work now after blood clotting in my legs and having no transportation.

Plus with the nerve pain I have I don't know how long I can sit up.

I've never tried getting any grants or help at all.

Specific Needs

I would love to find out if there are any grants to help with getting some independence again by getting my own place.

Any advice or help with anything with making money from home would help.

I've tried buying and selling on eBay with no luck at all. I'm at a dead-end.

Business Idea

I want to start an engraving business from home. I do glass and metal engraving. I have done motorcycle engine parts that I would prefer to do.

It's simple. They mail me their part; then I engrave it and mail it back.

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Aug 30, 2013
It sucks
by: Leonard Francis

It really sucks that someone who fought for our country has to go through a hard time just to get by yet alone feeling appreciated. I really hope things work out for you sir...


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