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Grant Funds And Advice To Help Disabled Grandmother Deal With MS

by Denise Giuliani
(Inverness, Florida, USA)

I am a mother and grandmother, 60 years young. I have two children and three beautiful grandkids.

We lost my mom two years ago at the age of 93. She was a great help to me in spite of her age.

I started out working as an EMT in 1975. I then went on to be a nurse. I worked until 1997 but had to quit. I loved my work and miss it very much.

Disability Issues

I started having problems with fatigue in 1992 as well as pain in muscles and joints. At that time the doctors said I had fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue.

I literally had to plan my trips to the bathroom. My husband wondered if maybe I was depressed, as did a doctor at a large hospital.

I started to have falling spells. Now you can't imagine how it feels to be upright one second and then be on the floor the next.

Thankfully I didn't break anything, just some bruises. I also started to have problems with my bowel and bladder as well as weakness in my legs.

This finally got me into my primary care doctor who then sent me to my neurologist. She did the usual tests, as well as a spinal tap.

When I saw her for the results I said to her, "I have MS don't I." She confirmed it. I ODDLY felt relief that I wasn't mentally ill, although depression does go with it.

I have a lot of faith and a good sense of humor, which goes along ways in this disease. I am now in a power wheelchair, which gives me some mobility.

Financial Hardship

My mother left a trailer to my brother and me. I have insurance on the house and a car on that I still owe over $3,700 on.

There is phone, television and Internet at about $200 a month.

Gas for the car runs $30 monthly.

My car payment is $128 and insurance for it is $78 a month.

House insurance is $250 a year, which doesn't really cover the cost of replacement of a used trailer.

Groceries are about $200 a month.

Income Efforts

I am now on Disability and receive $795 a month and $21 for food stamps.

I am unable to work due to pain, fatigue as well as difficulty with concentration and memory.

My family is unable to help due to their own financial problems.

I don't know how to go about getting a grant or donations and I am really not making enough to buy a van.

My church is at home because I can't sit a long time in one position.

I paid someone to help me to just find the places to go and apply and that hasn't gone well at all.

Specific Needs

I need a wheelchair accessible van to be able to be more independent; however they are too expensive.

I really need donations, or free grants. I'm not asking for anyone to buy a van that's new or to pay it off. I just need some help.

Advice would help but I don't want sympathy. If someone can direct me in the right direction: free grants, donations it will help.

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Sep 30, 2013
To those who are seeking help
by: Denise

I have read some of the struggles others are having. I believe that those of us who are in great need will be helped, and will be blessed by God. I applaud each and every one of you for your strength and courage. Keep your heads up and have faith. I am praying for all.

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