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Grant Funds For COPD Disabled Hubby To Build Bill Paying Home Business

by Gary Roberts
(Bushkill, PA, USA)

I am a 63-year-old African-American male who suffers from Chronic Obtrusive Pulmonary Disease, more commonly known as COPD.

I currently live with my spouse of 15 years (Gail Roberts) in Bushkill, Pennsylvania, which is located in the Northeastern section of the State.

Gail is also receiving partial Social Security Benefits. She works from home part-time.

Disability Issues

I have been diagnosed with Chronic Obtrusive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) since 1993. I take seven different prescribed medications for it.

I also have minor problems with high blood pressure and I experience dental issues that need immediate attention.

COPD prohibits me from doing any stressful activity such as working for long hours or doing any heavy lifting. If I attempt to do anything excessive I experience shortness of breath, especially in hot humid weather or extreme cold.

From what my physicians have told me, my condition will not improve with age and if anything it will become worse, as this represents a chronic illness.

I try my best to eat the right foods to maintain my health and to exercise whenever possible.

Financial Hardship

In June 2008 I was awarded SSDI Benefits that presently give me $2070 per month.

I also receive Long Term Disability from my employer in the amount of $1026 per month. This benefit is only temporary and will expire in February 2015 after my 65th birthday.

My Medicare covers a good portion of my prescription costs but it becomes an issue when I enter the Medicare (Donut-Hole) period. This usually occurs in the month of October and the prescription costs skyrocket especially for the higher cost medicines such as Advair, Proair and Nasonex.

My spouse and I have accumulated large amounts of credit card debt and we have created an enormous loan, secured by our 2003 Ford Explorer vehicle. These debts were brought on by my wife's battle with various illnesses and our inconsistent income from prior years.

After I retired in January 2009, I received a lump sum cash-out. This was quickly dissolved due to child support obligations and COBRA medical insurance payments, which had increased to $1400 per month before I was enrolled in Medicare.

Income Efforts

I have attempted several work-at-home opportunities with limited success. While able to generate an income, I've not made enough to cover all of our monthly expenses, which have steadily risen especially from the first of this year.

My wife does not have medical insurance so she was forced to seek help from the State of Pennsylvania and various charities for financial assistance. She had to undergo three separate surgeries. They were very costly.

I was forced to borrow $400 a few months ago from a friend to pay some utility bills and I am presently re-paying them.

Hopefully I can receive some additional financial assistance to alleviate some of our debt issues and I can begin working for a real legitimate company that pays well.

Specific Needs

I'm looking for financial assistance to cover our credit card debts and our secured loan, which is attached to our 2003 Ford Explorer.

I would like to become current on our utility bill payments.

I would like some info on how to obtain dental grants.

I would like additional info on any housing programs that you may have available.

Business Idea

I would like to find a legitimate work-at-home opportunity so I can have some type of financial independence and relief from all the stress that debt can render.

I discovered Disability Digest around the early part of 2012 and I am very impressed about the services being offered and how they help disabled people.

I would love to begin a career working with this organization as I have had experience talking with people over the phone and consider myself to be a "people person."

The main obstacle for me getting started with this idea is that our credit card debts are out of control and I have no way of obtaining the required desktop computer and additional phone line.

Once receiving the assistance I would be able to live a more responsible life and be more supportive to my family's income.

Thanks for your time.

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Sep 01, 2013
Hard times in Bushkill
by: Ken

Hi Gary,

Perhaps you could do what we had to do in your situation. We moved from a 4-bedroom home to a mobile home. That was our only hope. It seems to have worked. Taxes are much less along with all utilities as well.
Best Wishes,

Aug 31, 2013
Good luck...
by: Leonard Francis

I hope everything works out for you...

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