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Grant Funds To Help MS Disabled Plumber Build Money Earning Business

by Michael Favara
(Arlington, Texas, USA)

I am a married 47-year-old male with two male high school age children and one male college age child.

I served seven years in the Texas Army National Guard in the late 80s to early 90s but not enough active duty status to be qualified as a veteran.

I've been a plumber for almost 30 years.

Disability Issues

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis September 25, 2012. I have just been approved by Social Security for Disability on September 11, 2013.

I can no longer physically work in the only profession I have working experience in. This is primarily because of the Texas heat, lack of stable balance and the physical demands required to perform the necessary tasks of being a licensed plumber.

When I am exposed to excessive heat, both ambient and internal, my vision is greatly affected. Extreme fatigue causes an inability to satisfactorily perform. Dizziness and balance become a large factor for my own and others' safety.

Minor and sometimes major pain is a constant issue.

The stresses inflicted on my mental health caused by my employment with my previous employer caused my MS to "flair up." The company was not interested in abiding by the Texas Plumbing license laws. It was constantly putting my license and personal liability at risk.

Financial Hardship

Because of my inability to utilize my professional skills as a licensed master plumber, it has caused me to become unemployed.

The needed financial resources to pay for all the necessary costs of raising and supporting a family of five are now unavailable.

I have rent, all utilities (water, electric, and natural gas) to pay and fuel cost for my wife to go to work and myself to take and pick up my two children to school.

I have been prescribed a monthly infusion to help my multiple sclerosis not get worse. If it does get too bad an infusion of Solu-Medrol is required.

Another prescription of a pill form medication assists with my poor balance and ability to walk effectively. Some over the counter vitamins help.

The astronomic cost of health insurance comes out of my wife's check resulting in a very minimal net pay.

Personally I have no vehicle to use, partially because of the auto insurance costs.

Income Efforts

I am currently temporarily receiving unemployment due to my inability to physically perform my duties at my last employer.

I accept donations from family and friends to sell at yard sales.

With help from my children, I can sometimes build porch swings out of reclaimed wood.

I gather some scrap metal to sell when I can.

I have traded my knowledge and advice about plumbing for items needed to help support my family.

Specific Needs

I am partially seeking advice from a lawyer about starting a plumbing company.

I am also potentially seeking a small business grant to start a plumbing company using my experience, knowledge and contacts.

I want a grant for me to obtain a business degree that I will be able to utilize in building a successful plumbing company.

Business Idea

My business idea is to start a plumbing service company. Plumbing repairs will never be outsourced or automated. They will always be needed due to protecting the health and safety of the population.

It is a noble way for an average person to impact society. It will always be a way to help people. Starting off fairly small is the way to approach it. I have many commercial contacts.

The needed costs of start up are for the legal company name and required general liability insurance.

Two secure, legal and equipped vans with tools are required for job performance. The plumbing technicians supply all hand tools.

I would need:
- Responsible Master Plumber business cards for marketing
- invoices for residential billing
- an effective computer for running a business
- uniforms for the technicians
- safety equipment for keeping employees safe and liability costs at a minimum
- enough finances deposited in a company bank account to make payroll for employees the first month

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Oct 02, 2013
by: Michael Favara

I want to respecify what I am needing. A grant is not nesesary, a partnership will suffice to begin working. I have spoken to several of my past clients and was given a verbal go ahead to perform plumbing repairs because of my experience and relationship with commercial and residential properties. The work is there, legal business is needed.

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