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Grant Funds To Pay Past Medical Bills For Disabled Man And Family

by Boyce Owen
(Portland, Tennessee, USA)

I'm a 49-year-old white male. I have four boys. I was in the army when I was younger.

My older two sons are my wife's but I have raised them from the time they were two and three years old. So I consider them mine. Their real father chose never to have anything to do with them.

Disability Issues

I was 36 when I first started to have back problems. I had a herniated disc and the doctors did surgery and shaved it down. When they did that, the spinal nerves in the disc fell apart.

Then the doctors had to install a carbon fiber cage where the disc was. They also put a plate in front of my spine and rods up the back of my spine.

I had the rods in my back for about six months. Then the rod broke two of my vertebrae into six pieces. So the doctor did more surgery, removed the rods and glued the bones together.

After that they told me I was going to have to live with my back the way it was because there was nothing else they could do for me. Several other doctors, including a doctor at Vanderbilt Hospital and a specialist at John Hopkins Hospital also agreed that nothing more could be done for me.

So they sent me to a pain doctor. He put me on fentanyl patches. They made me almost a zombie. All I could do was lie in bed for three years straight.

Then they put a pain pump in me. This was better since I could get up and walk. My wife cried her eyes out when I could finally get up again. But this too has limits. I can't drive and still can't walk more than about 100 feet or so at a time.

I can't go out in the heat. The Dilaudid will not work in the heat. I sweat like I'm in a shower. Sweat is always running off me. So I'm still in the bed most of the time.

Financial Hardship

When this all started I had good insurance. But after being let go from work I had nothing. It took me two years to get on Disability. While we were waiting on that, our house burned. We lost everything. We didn't even have a change of clothes.

So when we got my Disability and got back pay, we had to find a new place to live and buy new clothes. The extra money was gone in no time.

About two years after that my wife lost her job due to the hospital closing here. She took a job at McDonalds'. Then she broke her arm and had to have surgery. Now we have all those bills.

Then my youngest son had to move back home with us. He has a tumor on his brain. There is pressure on his brain from fluid build up. He has no insurance.

I used to keep insurance on my family but I'm down and can't do that anymore. I let my family down. I just need some help. They have already garnished my wife's check for some hospital bills.

Income Efforts

I am not able to stand for more than a couple minutes at a time so working is impossible for me.

The church does bring some food over for us at times, but they can't keep that up forever.

I built a gun real cheaply and I am hoping to sell it soon.

I worked on a couple of motorcycles and earned a few dollars. But there is just not enough of that kind of work out there to be able to survive.

Specific Needs

I would like to get a grant to help pay off our medical bills and not have to worry about where our next food is coming from

If we get everything caught up, my wife would not have to worry about her check being garnished. We would be able to pay for things as we go. It would help my wife if she would not have to worry about how we are going to pay our bills.

Business Idea

If I was going to start a business it would be to take electric wheelchairs and make them more capable to get around outside. I have one started and I want to finish it.

I have a friend in Connecticut who does this and he's good at it. I would really like to do this too. I can't weld anymore because of my pain pump. The electricity will mess with the pump, but I could pay someone to do just the welding for me.

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Oct 10, 2013
Boyce Owen
by: Susan

I have known Boyce Owen for more than 30 years. I have seen firsthand what he has been and is going through. Boyce, I pray that you get the much needed help, as you deserve it.

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