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Grant Funds Will Help Mom With Cerebral Palsy Pay Debts And Improve Home

by Crystal McClain
(Benton Harbor, MI, USA)

I am a 37-year-old female with a husband who is currently not in the home. He will not be back for a few years. I have three children and two stepchildren.

I only have two daughters currently living in the home with me. Their ages are 11 and eight and we help each other maintain household chores.

We love doing crafts together, reading, and watching movies, but we especially love to bake and cook together.

Disability Issues

I was born with a form of cerebral palsy (CP) called spastic diplegia.

I am currently having some issues that are keeping me from being able to do everyday things. My daughters have had to help take up the slack, which is very unfair at such young ages.

I have been seeking medical help, which is a time-consuming process and means possible surgeries in the future.

Financial Hardship

I am currently on SSI and I receive TANF for my children in the home. We also qualify for food assistance and Medicaid.

I am unable to drive and I do not have a license. Our income is extremely tight and it does not make ends meet without having to pay bits and pieces of bills as the money comes in.

We still have to deal with disconnect notices and personal needs, such as household items and clothes.

Income Efforts

I am currently looking into going back to college and doing courses from home.

I have made calls to get help from family with regard to a newer, more up-to-date computer and printer. They are willing to help me obtain those items, but cannot help with anything else at this time.

I want to become independent enough to return to the work force and I have contacted Michigan Rehab to do so.

Specific Needs

I am looking for grants that I will not have to pay back. This is to help pay off some bills and credit cards.

I also need to do some household modifications to my bathtub, which is a health hazard to me at this time and causes me to fall on a regular basis.

I have to rely on my children once again to help me with grooming, bathing, and other small tasks I am usually able to do on my own. I feel it is taking away from their childhood.

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