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Grant Money For Accident Disabled Dad To Help Pay Medical Expense Debt

by Allen Ray
(Travelers Rest, South Carolina, USA)

My name is Allen Ray and I live in Travelers Rest, South Carolina. I am 42 years old and have a seven-year-old daughter.

We live three and one-half miles from town in a two-bedroom mobile home with a wonderful view of the surrounding mountains.

Disability Issues

In 2008, a drunk driver who was chasing another drunk driver without using his headlights hit me. My car was a total wreck and my injuries were numerous and seriously disabling.

My injuries included a punctured lung, shattered knee, broken collar bone as well as cervical spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, cervicalgia, postlaminectomy lumbar syndrome, a herniated disc, lumbar facet arthropathy and lumbar radiculopathy.

Today, I have a pain-relief stimulator for the leads going into my back, a steel plate on my knee and collarbone as well as the C5 and C6 discs in my neck.

I am in constant pain and my injuries prevent me from bending my knees, running or performing normal daily activities.

The driver who hit me was underinsured and could not cover my hospital bills or replace my car and I had no collision coverage on my car.

Financial Hardship

In 2010, I began receiving SSDI in the amount $1762 per month. My normal expenses (phone, utilities, car insurance, health insurance, medical co-pays and prescriptions) with additional payments for hospital bills and surgeries leave me with less than $300 for other needs each month.

As a complication, I had a fire in my home in June 2013 burning part of the living room. I am struggling to repair and make it livable again. Funds are not stretching far enough or fast enough.

Income Efforts

My application for low-income housing is one in a long line on the waiting list.

I cannot get food stamps or Medicaid because I make too much money.

My disability and the medications I need do not allow me to work.

The only money I have is my disability income, which is not enough to survive.

My parents are retired and live on a fixed income. The remainder of my family has their own families to support. Although they do help me with food and money, I feel awkward asking for their assistance.

Specific Needs

My daughter and I need a house. A grant would help with that and my medical bills. I anticipate more surgical procedures on the horizon.

I really need help to just keep my head above water.

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Jul 29, 2013
by: allen

Thank you for trying to get me some help. You did a great job with my story. Thank you for posting it. Waiting for any respone that wiil help me.

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