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Grant Money For Depression Disabled Mom To Pay Living And Legal Costs

by Tina Smith
(Fayette, Alabama, USA)

I am 41 and a mother with two kids in college and a granddaughter. I have a fiancé. We have been together for eight years.

I love to do crafts. A few years ago, I made a gift basket for my granny. She was so hard to buy for, so I bought some of the things she liked and put them in a container that I prettied up with ribbons and stuff.

It's my dream to start my own business selling gift baskets, homemade candles, soaps. I can host parties. I have a lot of ideas.

Disability Issues

I have rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and nerve damage in my back from a car accident.

I have migraines, asthma, COPD, chronic bronchitis.

A lot of my ailments are from domestic violence. I'm very embarrassed about my teeth. I was beaten so much. I have not too many left.

I'm terrified of the dentist and I'm so embarrassed to let somebody look. I would have to be sedated. I can't afford to go anyway. I barely have enough to get through the month.

I have depression, anxiety disorder.

Financial Hardship

We were robbed. They took everything. All that was left was canned goods.

We moved to Fayette, Alabama, into a low-income apartment. But we have no furniture, little clothing, no dishes.

I have to pay $100 for the doctor, and I have to pay somebody to take me to there, which is 132 miles round trip.

Medicaid pays for half of my meds. I pay around $80 for my meds. That's half of my check just for medical.

On top of that, I have rent and power to pay, so there is no extra money to buy a bed, or any kind of furniture.

If somebody gave us furniture, I have no way to go and get it. I have no family or friends that could help.

When I was robbed they stole my identity, so I have to get help with that.

Income Efforts

I have enrolled in the Plan to Achieve Self-Support (PASS). My appointment is soon.

I contacted every charity. I went down the list. The only thing that they would help with is a bag of food, and two outfits. But I couldn't go over $12.

It was so upsetting when I picked my food up. I had to go behind the building. The warehouse was nothing but wall-to-wall beds, dressers, etc. People donate these items for people in need.

I went back in the center. I said you have all this furniture, for people in need. She said we will sell you a bed and mattress for $200, some of them for more.

That is messed up. If there is anybody in need of furniture, it's me. I need a bed in a bad kind of way. I found out how charity works. Unless I have money, I'm going to be sleeping on the floor.

They are getting rich on donations from people that wanted to help somebody, and these so called charities are taking -- I would call it stealing -- from the needy.

Specific Needs

I need ransportation, bed, clothes, dishes and household items.

I need a lawyer for my identity theft.

I also need a lawyer to take action against my ex-landlord for evicting me.

I had the flu and I was two days late getting my check to her. She put an eviction notice on my door. I was going to move anyway, but still…

She had it in for me.

I reported a sexual harassment complaint against the maintenance man. This man was her best friend's husband. When I made the report she told me she would put it in the computer so it would be documented.

The next day, she called me to the office to tell me that it was my fault because of the way I dressed and talked. In front of the man and his wife, she told me I deserved what I got.

I was beyond upset. It left some unresolved issues. By law you have 60 days in the process of moving. I stayed at a friend's house for two days. I rented a U-Haul. When I got to the apartment nothing was left. She played stupid. Whoever got my stuff had a key.

Business Idea

I would like to start a business as a party planner, making gift baskets for all occasions.

You can customize baskets with homemade candles, homemade soap, party supplies and so on.

I could offer a service hosting events, plus hosting selling parties.

I want to sell the stuff I enjoy and love: makeup, candles, adult items, jewelry, custom made bracelets, necklaces etc. I'd like to sell kits to make your own with instructions.

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