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Grant Money For Multiply Disabled Family To Start Nonprofit For The Helpless

by Rhonda Gomez
(Stamford, Texas, USA)

We have a 21-year-old son that is disabled due to four types of cancer. He continued his education and on Friday he graduated with an Associates Degree.

Even though the chemo left him in excruciating pain he is determined to make something big of himself some day. He also has asthma, as does our daughter who is 24.

I am disabled due to neck and back problems and also some severe mental depression issues

My husband got hurt at work on July 1, 2010 this really put us in a bind. They did not do his shoulder surgery until December.

Trying to put our son through college by giving him money for gas and food, plus having to keep our bills on time, we're suffering financially.

Right now, our gas is cut off and the landlord is foreclosing on our property. She said on June 1 she is going to sell it at an auction.

In the meantime, we are stressing very hard still waiting for our amended tax return. The first time we filed, the tax office sent it without our signatures.

This past Friday we received a letter from I.R.S. saying it was denied again because this time the tax preparer failed to put in the settlement paper stating how much we're buying this house for.

We deserve to have a brand new house built from the ground up with everything brand new.

I would love to help all of the poor by building them houses and helping them pay their bills. I would also build them a huge amusement park and a mall and a beautiful flower rose garden.

This would help us all out in so many ways the houses, cats, furniture, clothes, food, drinks anything and everything he created is to be free for everybody.

I don't know how to write a grant proposal. I need to apply for my 501c3 license but don't have the resources just yet.

The vision that I saw is to be started here in our little town of Stamford, Texas. There is nothing for our children here. I believe it will bring a lot of jobs and help heal the economy and the world.

If you would like to see pictures and read about some of the miracles God has done and is doing through me go to my website:

Please help our family out with grants to bring this vision into a reality. It is not just for me or us; it is for all of God's people all over the world.

I will help you any way I possibly can. Thank you very much.

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