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Grant Money For Rheumatoid Arthritis Disabled Widow Mom Medications

by Amada
(Chula Vista, California, USA)

In 2006, after many doctor visits, excruciating pain, and being almost paralyzed, I received the unwelcome diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis!

Since then my life has changed dramatically from being a very, very active individual to… this.

I can't play tennis anymore, unless I desperately want my arm and shoulder to really be in serious pain.

In fact, I'm in pain 24/7. I inject myself with Enbrel, but only once a week because I don't have insurance to pay for medications.

I have five children. Two of them, 26 and 20, are out of the house. One is working in the private sector and the other has been in the U.S. Army since 2008.

The one in the Army left after my husband, his father died June 22, 2008. My husband was a Policeman, SDPD Officer for 20 years. He died of MSA -- Multiple System Atrophy.

At 50 years old, I am now alone with my three children, ages 17, 16, and 13 years.

I used to have medical insurance before, but because of my husband no longer being with us, they had to cancel it. I paid Cobra for a few months, then Kaiser, but not anymore.

I did call Healthy Families Insurance and it turns out that my children do qualify for medical insurance since the only source of income at this time is my husband's pension of $2100 a month, which leaves us with less than nothing because the mortgage payment alone is $2400.

Not having medical Insurance, but needing the pain medication, I called the Enbrel Company and they referred me to the Courage Foundation. That's how I'm able to get the weekly injection.

They say they'll keep sending me the medication for four months. After that, I don't know if they'll extend it for the whole year. I hope so! My condition is getting worse.

I still have some medication for depression, but I am trying to look for a solution. I ask God every day for advice and counsel. Hopefully there's some help out there for my children and me.

I was thinking of selling the house but we don't have any close family so where could we go? I have been living in this property for 16 years. My children grew up here! There are so many memories!

I love my house, but I can't sell it at the moment. It's not just because of the bad economy, which has turned my mortgage upside down. It's because of some work I had done it by a non-profit organization.

The non-profit comes to your house and does an inspection. If you qualify, they will help you fix it, but you cannot sell it within two years. I signed the paperwork. I think it's fair.

Thanks to them we now have a roof that doesn't leak. Sure, the house wasn't in good condition. It's old, but still, it's our home.

They helped me paint the house inside and out. Now it looks very nice, especially with the plants and flowers, which are my therapy, since I have no pain medication.

Every morning after praying, even though I'm in a tough spot, I thank God for my life and my children. I consider myself very fortunate to be here with them, my children, the children of the future full of hopes and dreams.

I always tell them everything is possible with the help of God, if you keep the faith and believe!

Thank you very much for this opportunity. I hope I find the help my children and I need. God bless you. Sincerely, Mrs. Escandon-O'Rourke.

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Feb 08, 2013
Possible help
by: Kim Hubbard

I appreciate your and positive attitude. If you need medications, you can visit www.needymeds.org as some companies have patient assistance programs.

There are several funding sources available that many do not know about. If you follow the instructions you find at the link below, you'll be able to find out what benefits you are entitled to, based on your particular qualifications and needs. I hope this helps! God bless!


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