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Grant Money To Fund Collie Breeding Business For CHF Disabled David

by David White
(Joplin, MO, USA)

I am 62 years old and married. I have a grown son who is living in another state. I also have a stepdaughter and two grandchildren.

My wife and I raise Collie dogs on about two and a half acres of land. This has become a passion of mine over the years. We have met and made numerous friends through our dogs.

I worked for Walmart for 26 years.

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Disability Issues

I have congestive heart failure (CHF). The doctors said it was caused by a virus that settled in my heart. My heart is working at less than 10 percent of its capability.

I had a couple of procedures to implant stents, which have helped! I was on death's door when I first entered the hospital and was subsequently diagnosed with CHF.

I was a very active man before this; now I have trouble breathing and tire easily. I have a persistent cough, which has caused me to pass out because I couldn't catch my breath.

I am on Social Security Disability and have tried to work part-time.

Financial Hardship

The Social Security Disability helps but that's all. Before I was diagnosed, my wife and I had plans to start our dog breeding business and moved to Joplin, MO to the country.

Once I became ill, the money poured out to the hospital and doctors, completely depleting our retirement funds.

Medical prescriptions were sky high, one prescription running almost $200 per month. The first year we spent over $14,000 in prescriptions alone.

Because of all the medical bills we have fallen behind in other bills, such as our car, our house at one time, our utility bills. We only spend grocery money on the bare essentials and our dogs.

Income Efforts

I worked part time as a security guard until I was laid off last April. The company where I did guard duties closed down the Joplin plant.

I had originally gotten this job through an agency that specialized in helping the disabled find work. They have since gone out of business.

The economy is terrible and I have been unable to find work here.

We have borrowed as much money as we can from family.

I do received SSDI but it is not enough.

My wife and I have applied for food stamps but have been turned down.

We applied for aid with our electric and heating needs and got turned down. We have exhausted all avenues to find money.

My wife is disabled but has never been able to work enough to receive any benefits from Social Security.

Specific Needs

I am looking for a grant to fund our dog breeding business. This is something I can do and love to do! If we can expand we feel our financial future looks good.

We need fencing, outbuildings, money to purchase high quality Collies and food for them as well as normal operating expenses.

Business Idea

Our dog breeding business is of utmost importance to us. We specialize in providing high quality Collies to pet owners all over the United States.

We are also dedicated to improving the health of the breed, in particular, the Collie Eye Syndrome. In order to achieve this, we need to purchase non-carrier Collies for this syndrome. They are very expensive.

We would need to apply for a kennel license, again expensive, put up separate fencing for our dogs and provide for everyday expenses such as food, training and care.

We would also need to provide heating and cooling for them. Advertising is another big expense and we have set up a web site for our business. Unfortunately, unless we have money to expand and acquire more breeding females, we cannot make enough money.

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