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Grant Money To Get Service Dog For Work Accident Disabled Paramedic

by Richard DuPont
(Meadville, PA, USA)

I'm a 53-year-old divorced man, living alone.

I worked as a volunteer firefighter and paid paramedic for 32 years. I now work part time as a Security Officer at a medical facility.

Disability Issues

While working as a Paramedic, on a medical call, my partner and I were attempting to carry a middle-aged man down three flights of stairs on a specialized "chair" when he became unruly and started fighting us.

We lost our balance for a moment, at which time I felt a pain in my lower back.

We were able to steady ourselves and complete the transition down the stairs but when I attempted to stand upright, I got a severe pain in my low back and could not straighten up.

We loaded the patient with the assistance of the local Fire Service and completed our transport.

At the end of my shift I went to the local Emergency Department where it was determined I had ruptured three discs and fractured a vertebrae in my back.

I went on to have surgery and have had complications since to the point I have moderate to severe difficulty in walking and getting around, have fallen a couple of times and fractured more vertebrae and ruptured more discs.

I have had a second surgery and am looking at possibly more. My ability to get around is greatly diminished and my safety is coming into question.

Financial Hardship

I am now on Social Security Disability, which comes nowhere close to covering the basic bills, and allow me anything for food, gas or anything else.

I do work a part-time Security job but it barely lets me break even. I can no longer work as a Paramedic.

I have since gotten divorced and lost everything I owned. I am trying to just survive at this point with the hopes of restarting my life.

I would at least like not to have to worry about bills but with medicine costs, constant doctor and hospital bills because of my falling and the canes and walkers and other equipment costs on top of it, I don't see any light at the end of the tunnel.

I am not sure how much longer I can keep working with the increase in difficulty in walking and getting around, which will make the situation even worse.

I am also having difficulty with getting in and out of my vehicle due to my inability to bend and flex properly.

Income Efforts

I have exhausted all possibilities of any assistance in this matter. I have been to Department of Public Welfare, Red Cross, all of the local churches and organizations.

They all tell me I make too much on Disability to qualify or there is no program available to help.

I have been to friends, family, everywhere I can think of and I get the same results.

I have been online looking for grants and loans but find nothing available for my needs.

I am working on changing my housing situation due to the fact I am presently in a second floor apartment but there is nothing available presently.

Specific Needs

What I am presently looking for is available grants that I can obtain to purchase a "Service Dog" and enough money to pay for the training to certify it for my specific needs.

I would also like to purchase a "Handicap" equipped vehicle to make transportation more suitable.

Once my housing situation is changed, I will also need to look at purchasing an electric scooter or wheelchair, which will be a great help, but I cannot get one living on the second floor.

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