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Grant Money To Help Back Pain Disabled Fred Avoid Always Being Broke

by Fred Terrell
(Staten Island, New York, USA)

My name is Fred Terrell. I'm 58 years old. I'm married and have a 21-year-old son living with me. He helps as much as he can with the bills - thank God.

I was a welder all of my life and pretty much had everything we needed. My wife used to own a dance studio.

Disability Issues

All of my working years, my job as a welder/boilermaker was very taxing physically. I ended up with a very painful lower back problem.

After many trips to the pain management doctors I finally had a spinal cord stimulator installed which I continued to work with for two years.

When I could not take the pain any longer, I had to stop working and applied for Disability insurance, which I received.

I finally had a morphine pump installed which has helped tremendously with the pain.

My wife was involved in a very bad car accident and had to have surgery on her back and neck with pins and rods installed. She can no longer work either so we are both on Disability insurance.

Financial Hardship

With both my wife and myself being on disability we find it very difficult to afford our monthly payments. We have a mortgage, which must be paid on time. We have utilities that we can only make minimum payments on because the bills are so high. We already had the electricity turned off once and the gas twice.

We have not paid the water bill for quite a while because we need to buy food that we do not have much money left over for. At the end of the month we have little to buy gas for the car.

Income Efforts

I have tried going online to find work but they all want you to purchase the items in order to sell them. (I do not have any extra cash.)

I have also filled out many applications looking for part-time jobs. My wife has also been looking for work. We had a few dog-walking jobs and she babysits at times.

We went to apply for food stamps and were informed that our monthly income is $200 over the limit. It's the same thing with HEAP; you have to be on food stamps to qualify. I feel as though I'm pounding my head against the wall.

Specific Needs

I have never had to ask for help before and I'm not asking for the world. I would just like to get to the next check and not have to worry whether we will make it or not.

Maybe a grant would help with the utilities, food, extra cash, pretty much anything that I am entitled to.

Thanks for letting me vent and thanks in advance for any help that I receive.

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