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Grant Money To Help Brain Injured Single Woman Rise Above Poverty Level

by Kataryna Joy
(Littleton, Colorado, USA)

I'm 43 years old and single and I consider myself to be a very strong, courageous gal always striving to better myself.

I have always wanted to be a wife and mother, but that has not yet been part of my journey in this life.

Now I'm seeking help after some unfortunate situations occurred in my life.

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Disability Issues

When I was 13 years old and in middle school, a bully hit me in the head. Years later she apologized and 27 years later her father apologized. This helped emotionally but did not heal the physical damage that I suffered in that school incident and then a few years afterwards.

When I was 21, a 16-year-old girl crashed her car into mine. It was her second accident. As a result, I had a major lower back injury. I lost three discs and part of my backbone. I am lucky to be walking, as I was partially paralyzed before surgery.

To date, I have no hardware in my back and doctors do not know how I am able to walk. I am grateful to be walking and cherish each step I take.

After being asked to get off a low dose of thyroid, my body went into heart attack symptoms. At the local ER, I was asked if I was allergic to morphine. I told them I was and the doctors attended to my heart issues.

I had no clue that a doctor would not "believe" when you say you are allergic to something. There were even notes showing that I had had this allergy since the lower back surgery.

To make a long story short, the medical people decided to give me medications I was allergic to and more than once. Once they realized what they did, they put me by my car to die. I woke to my life being shattered and my brain damaged.

Financial Hardship

I continually have to tend to my lower back as I have been told I can only maintain the situation. I need neurotherapy, chiropractic treatments and exercise machines.

I have only received limited care and I need care that insurance does not cover.

I cannot take medications as it will cause more brain damage and poison my body more.

I also have cervical dystonia from when my brain was damaged. My appendix ruptured in 2012. When I had abdominal surgery in 2013, they could not identify my organs. Now I have an even greater need for medical care that insurance does not cover.

With what I live on, I strive to eat and do things to create health and healing within my body as best I can.

Income Efforts

Since the brain injury, I have not been able to even contemplate working, as I am too busy with day-to-day, hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute living. I am not as bad as I was when this first occurred but I still have a ways to go.

Some say a brain stops healing after the first two years. I find this is not the case. I have a list of symptoms I deal with from the brain injury that include: comprehension, speech, verbalizing, memory, math, colors, lines, lights.

I do keep trying to do daily tasks as a kind of rehab to help myself regain what was lost and or damaged. This is working as when I go back to my list of symptoms, I have seen improvement and will continue to try to the best of my ability.

Specific Needs

Since the back injury, I have lived below the poverty level for over 20 years. I try to make the best decisions possible with what I have.

I am looking for grants to help with medical expenses not covered by insurance, like chiropractic treatments, neurotherapy, emotional help and functional medical care.

For my brain, I would be looking for grants/help to go back to my doctor for functional neurological care. This would help restore my ability to read, walk through a crowd, have less swelling of my brain, see better and function better all without drugs. This place is out of state.

I also am interested if there is anything out there to help pay down my small mortgage. I have lived under the poverty level but have managed to have a small place to call home. This is a total blessing after being homeless for a season.

Love and support and someone hearing my story is wonderful. Thank you.

Business Idea

On day I want to be able to give back when I am able to do something to help make this kind of process easier on a person who has been through challenging journeys as mine.

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Mar 24, 2014
Thank you
by: Kataryna Joy

Thank you, Larry. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to write to me and encourage me. Thank you, bullying is horrible. Our bodies are priceless and having them be able to function is quite often taken for granted. Thank you again, Larry. ~ Sincerely, Kataryna

Mar 14, 2014
Wishing you the best for the rest of your life...
by: Larry Harris

There seems to be some commotion in the news media about bullying in schools around the world. I'm looking forward to everyone pitching in to make your dream come to life !!! p.s. Take care because I care...

Mar 13, 2014
Thank you
by: Kataryna Joy

Thank you so much for publishing my story!
With the sincerest of gratitude~ KJ

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