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Grant Money To Help Cerebral Palsy Disabled Wrestler Repay Student Debt

by Parrish Miller
(Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA)

I am a 25-year-old male, a wrestler and father of my first-born son. I grew up in a small town in Iowa with three brothers and one sister.

I graduated high school and received my diploma. I also attended three years of college.

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Disability Issues

At birth I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy due to complications in the birthing process. My cerebral palsy affects my ability to walk, stand for long periods of time, run, or to carry any significant amount of weight.

One of my biggest obstacles is my lack of balance and leg strength. Due to my stiff muscles and affected gate I also deal with back and joint pain.

Financial Hardship

Affording a place to live remains difficult due to the fact I only receive SSI. I have thousands of dollars in student loans in default from when I tried to go to college.

I recently filed bankruptcy to try to take care of old debt. I just cannot afford to make the payments needed.

Income Efforts

The majority of my income has been SSI of $710 a month, which is the maximum amount.

I have also worked in telemarketing, which seems to be the only employment options I have been able to obtain.

Specific Needs

I am in search for grants to help repay some of the student loans for which my grandmother co-signed.

Grants would also help pay for further tuition, which will again allow me to go back to college and obtain a degree as an athletic and personal trainer.

Business Idea

I would like to open a gym and fitness center for the public and people with disabilities. This would allow those that want to live a healthy lifestyle to do so without the judgment of others. It would be a place to run or work out or even just to stretch if need be.

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