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Grant Money To Help Disabled Former Carpenter With Medical Expenses

by Peter Thomas Seaver
(Live Oak, Florida, USA)

My name is Pete Seaver. I am 46 years old. I have worked as a carpenter for 30+ years. With no income now, I'm looking for government grant money to help out.

I have been married to my wife Sharon for 26 years and have three wonderful children. I have always worked and provided for my family.

In the past two years my health has declined to the point where I am no longer able to perform my trade and provide the financial support my family needs.

My health problems are that I need bilateral shoulder replacement surgery, hernia surgery, and knee surgery from a surgery that was performed 27 years ago that has failed to the point that I am no longer able to use my left leg properly.

I am not a malingerer. I pray for help so I can return to work. I have applied for Social Security Disability benefits and have been denied. I have reapplied but in the meantime I have no income and cannot pay my bills.

I have nowhere to turn and I am in fear of losing everything and becoming homeless. This situation has caused me to become severely depressed with extreme anxiety.

If I could somehow receive a grant to get help with medical assistance, to be able to receive help with training for a new job and monetary assistance to help pay my bills and mortgage it would be an answer to my prayers.

I have no insurance and my savings are gone. I do not know where to turn at this point and am losing all hope.

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