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Grant Money To Help Heart Disease Disabled Single Dad With Debt Relief

by Anthony Addison
(Washington, DC, USA)

I became 100% disabled with heart disease in 2001. I am a 52-year old African American single dad raising a 13-year-old daughter.

Now, after 10 years in and out of courtrooms, the court awarded me legal custody of my daughter in August 2012.

I am also a caregiver for my 72-year old schizophrenia mother.

Disability Issues

I worked in Information Technology my entire life. One midnight I was working by myself and I thought I had a severe case of gas.

Actually the arteries in my heart were clogging.

I worked the entire shift and drove to a hospital in the morning. I ended up in a hospital 20 miles away from the one I went to first. The hospital performed quadruple bypass open-heart surgery on me.

Also, I have had a couple of surgeries for a pacemaker/defibrillator to help improve my heart function. I am currently going to a doctor and right now unable to return to work in my field.

Financial Hardship

I receive Social Security Disability Income and I am still having financial difficulties. I have $15,000 in personal debt.

My daughter was in foster care and she needs everything you could imagine. I have only been a dad since August 2012 and I can't buy all the things my daughter needs.

I am determined to provide a carefree life to my daughter. I want a grant to pay off the credit card debt and car loan caused by my custody battle.

My retired mother has exhausted her bank account helping me and is struggling with Social Security Income as well.

I am seeking a grant that would make funds available to me allowing me to be able to stay at home for my daughter.

Income Efforts

I do get a little help occasionally from family and friends, but they can only help so much.

I would much rather be working but I have to be physically able.

We don't get enough food stamps to make it all month. If it were not for my mother, we would not make it.

Specific Needs

I live in a one-bedroom apartment and we are in need of new living arrangements.

I would love a chance to receive a grant to pay off my credit card debt and car loan.

Just to be debt free, that is my dream. I want to start all over again for my daughter.

I am looking for government money or private funding to avoid financial ruin.

I also would like any other benefits to purchase a new home for my daughter and me. Thank you.

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Feb 07, 2013
A website for you
by: Kim Hubbard

Anthony, there is a government website that will assist you in determining what you might qualify for, based on your circumstances. The page below will explain how to best use it.


God Bless you and your family! Kim

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