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Grant Money To Help Lyme Disease And CFIDS Disabled Woman Move

by Christine D'Angelo
(West Islip, NY, USA)

I'm 44-year-old woman with no children.

I want to pursue a degree to become a nutritionist. I love studying the bible and about healing through food.

Disability Issues

In 1993, the left side of my neck was so swollen and painful.

After tons of tests they found Lyme disease was the cause. A bright red rash on the side of my neck indicated the tick was probably inside my ear.

I was told I couldn't work and had to be in bed for at least six months. That didn’t fly well with me being Type A. I volunteered for March of Dimes.

There were problems with my IV antibiotics not being able to infuse in my arm. My doctor offered to put a port surgically in my neck. I opted out.

The man from medical supplies told me I could have beaten this nutritionally. I wish I had!

The $3,000 antibiotic caused my immune system to be suppressed. It did more harm than good. Just like chemo, it kills good and bad cells.

I was than diagnosed with chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome (CFIDS). It has decreased natural T-cells dangerously.

I started studying nutrition. Eating organic helped. In looking for alternative medicine, I ended up getting into occult practices. This made things worse.

Over the years my family and friends thought I was psychosomatic because I got ill often. Well the original condition was a serious one.

The doctor said the antibiotic saved my life. I don't believe that to be true. My opinion is it robbed it.

The only thing that helped was God and nutrition.

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia as a result of Lyme disease. I believe it was the result of the antibiotic.

Why am I sharing my testimony? For years I've struggled with one problem after another: headache medicine that caused ulcers, stomach meds that caused headaches. The meds were causing more problems than healing.

My dad was told chemo was the only way for him to be healed. It caused his cancer to be so aggressive it killed him.

The best thing for any of us to do is seek God for healing. He designed us. He knows how we work. Doctors practice medicine. They do their best but what they use does not heal.

Currently I have had breathing issues, food allergies, dizziness, fatigue to the point I need to rest a lot, along with bladder, kidney, sinus and ear infections.

Financial Hardship

With limited income from disability, finding a place to live is very hard. I have looked into mobile RV homes and desire to have one.

I currently have been staying somewhere and have been too ill to travel to get back home. And I do not have the finances either.

My need is money for an RV. It would help me travel across the country and give me a cheap place to live.

Having to eat healthy foods is very expensive, so I cannot do that on the income I have.

I also need an air purifier and money for gas to drive 3,000 miles.

Income Efforts

I currently have disability and barely make it each month.

My family has issues of their own to deal with, so they are unable to help. I have looked into grants. I can't find one yet that I fit into.

Specific Needs

I would like to be granted $20,000 to get a cheap RV and have some money to get across the country.

Another option would be for me to have enough money to pay a friend to drive me across the country in a rental vehicle and stay in inexpensive hotels.

I desire to spend a week at Hallelujah Acres. It costs about $1,700 a week. There would have to be enough money for me to stay in Florida for a couple of months to recuperate.

I would need money for a home after that.

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