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Grant Money To Help Recently Evicted Bipolar Disorder Disabled Widow

by Debi C. Rice
(Salisbury, North Carolina, USA)

My name is Debi Rice. I have lived in Asheville, NC in a small house on family land for six years.

I became disabled from bipolar disorder and severe depression-anxiety disorder at the age of 50.

Several attempts on my own failed to obtain disability, so I hired an attorney and finally was able to receive SSI and Medicaid.

Prior to this time I had worked my whole life in different areas, but the most recent had been my own Domestic Engineer Company for Professional families and I was doing very well with this.

Suddenly everything changed and it became impossible to even drive due to the aforementioned medical problems.

My husband became ill about three years after this, had several surgeries, lost 75 pounds, had feeding tubes and suffered ileostomy bags.

It seems it was all caused by a medicine called cumin dan, which melted his interior organs and finished off a pacemaker, all over a four-year period.

We lost everything, filed bankruptcy and hired attorneys to obtain disability for him.

My family let us live in the little house during this time, as we lost all forms of income other than my $400 SSI check.

We lived on personal loans from friends and cut our expenses to the minimum until his disability came around.

We had been lucky to have disability insurance on our vehicle loans so we managed to keep them until someone hit my husband head on and totaled our PT Cruiser.

We took the insurance money and paid off our part of his mother's funeral expenses we had owed for quite some time.

He bought an old 1988 truck to get around in on the farm. We were still able to keep up with all the mowing and upkeep on the grounds and houses and take care of my ailing mother.

Unfortunately, when his settlement came, they stopped my SSI and Medicaid and forced him to pay it all back out of his settlement money.

We never understood this and could find no one else who could either. We then took the $15,000 he got and repaired the house we were in as it was in real need of repair.

His pacemaker kept him from his life work of welding and fabrication and diesel mechanics, so the doctors suggested a bypass after he became strong enough.

They assured us this would be routine. After nine hours his heart stopped three times and upon exiting the operating room, his aorta exploded and we lost him while I was on the elevator going to see him in recovery.

I have never known of pain like this loss has brought me. We were very much in love all 20 years and always together and that was supposed to have brought him back to good health after all his long illness.

But now he is gone and my heart is broken even though I know he is in a much better place, surrounded by loved ones.

There was no life insurance and his children paid for his cremation. We held a celebration of his life at a friend's mountaintop home.

After a great deal of effort and paperwork I receive a disability widows benefit of $981 a month. And I managed to get Medicaid till the end of the year.

I have stopped the expensive antidepressants as they caused a weight gain of 50 pounds and lots more health problems.

I have lost 30 pounds, but I cry all the time and the depression and anxiety are unbearable at times. Now I've developed rheumatoid arthritis as well and must try to control these health woes somehow.

On May 6th my mother had me evicted, as my bills (food, car insurance, personal loans) did not allow enough for the rent she says she needs.

So I had to come to my daughter's home in Salisbury, NC.

My father died 13 years ago and my mother has remarried but her husband is in jail and in bad health as well.

He will be home soon and have this property plus a beach home, so they need money to keep this all.

So here I am trying to pack up our 20 years of marriage and see that his three boys and grandchildren all have some of his past to keep and what is left bring to my daughter's home.

I can help her as she has a new baby boy and needs childcare but her job pay was just cut by $8000 a year due to the economy.

She had no insurance or maternity leave. Pre-maternity health problems as well as post-maternity problems have caused her to have to file bankruptcy. We need help to file it and get back on our feet.

She can use my car although it needs several repairs to be safe.

Others have it worse but we will keep trying and with help perhaps I can take online education and bring in some income to help.

We need $45,000 to get back on our feet. I want to give my daughter and grandson a better life and I will keep trying to succeed on my own again with God's help.

Hopefully someone else might help us out. Thank you for your time.

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Aug 06, 2013
God Bless You!
by: Anonymous

I really pray that soon you will get the help you need and deserve. You have been through a lot and stayed strong. My heart goes out to you. Just stay strong and I know help has to come soon.

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