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Grant Money Will Help Crushed Spine And COPD Disabled Dad With Meds

by Joseph Bell
(Ormond Beach, Florida, USA)

My name is Joseph David Bell II. I have four children and I'm struggling to take care of my bills.

It is getting so bad, I don't know how we are getting make it to the end of the month. We need help very much so.

Disability Issues

I have had a real bad lung problem (severe COPD) since at least 1998.

Then to top it off I ended up having a cyst crush part of my spine and ended up almost completely paralyzed.

The damage was irreversible to a point.

In 2006 I end up having surgery to remove the cyst. After that it simply just got worse. A year later, after getting relieved of some of the paralysis, I ended up having a mild heart attack.

This is according to the local ER doctor. Now the cyst has grown back and I have no funds to continue paying for most of my medicine. I am trying to find way.

Financial Hardship

After having identity theft and losing everything including my house, financial hardship has been relentless.

I have borrowed and begged from family, including friends. Everything I can think of has been exhausting.

Income Efforts

I get disability but very little. Currently I am not even to be able to pay for all of my meds, or my doctor visits.

With that being a problem, I have not been able to get all the medical help need.

Specific Needs

I seek grants to help pay for what is missing.

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