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Grant Or Any Financial Help For Assault Disabled Victim With TBI And HCV

by Brian Ackert
(Fleischmanns, NY, USA)

My name is Brian Francis Ackert. I am now 32 years old. I was the victim of an assault on March 3rd of 2007.

I had multiple skull fractures and brain swelling. As a result, I now have epilepsy. I lost my job, my driver's licenses and my fiancée.

Life has been an uphill battle ever since. I am always seeing doctors, from my PCP, to a neurologist, to a psychiatrist. I have a seizure at least once a month now.

My only income is SSI. My hopes and dreams have been shattered before my very eyes.

I have no friends or family. I have lived alone since early 2008.

I have fractured my nose from the seizures, and bitten pieces of my tongue so hard that it swells up for days.

I used to make over $2000 a month. I was saving up to buy a house, and start a family. Just when I thought things could not get any worse, last week I was diagnosed with HCV.

Words cannot express my sadness... being alone all the time, having to deal with the epilepsy, now this.

I got it through sexual transmission. My dreams of waking up in my own home, sipping coffee on "my" front porch, are shattered.

My financial situation is hopeless, and I feel my medical condition is as well.

I am not fortunate enough to even have one friend or family member to even buy me a Christmas present.

I spent this last Christmas like any other, no tree, no presents, no family, no turkey ... just my dog and me.

I have no financial hope at all, no nest egg, no savings, just an SSI check every month that barely covers rent, bills and fuel.

I feel as though I am in a hole in which I will remain until my death.

There is nothing that can make the epilepsy go away. My doctor recommended brain surgery, but I do not like the risks involved.

I am in a situation where I feel the only thing that can even make my life bearable is some financial help.

It would not matter to me if it were only $100. It would just make me feel like someone read this, and actually cared.

Money can make some problems disappear, but all the money in the world cannot remove the epilepsy and HCV.

However, it could make me view my life as worth living, and prove to me that there are good people out there that actually care about those that are less fortunate.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Any response will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

Brian Ackert

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Apr 09, 2013
by: Julie P

I am so sorry to hear how bad things have gotten for you. I can't help you financially, but will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
After all, before all the drama, we were friends.

Jan 16, 2012
My feelings for you!
by: Anonymous

Brian where are you from? I don't know how to express my feelings for such a young person to be going through what you are going through. But I can give you a piece of advice! Don't let life live you; you live life! And don't let the bad tear you down. Just don't ever give up! I have a family and kids. I am on disability and I am used to be making $3500-$4400 a month. I thought my situation was bad! Your story is heart lifting and if I had the money I would send it right your way. But I don't. I have been running a home-based business (that's looking up), until I can get the funds I need to get back in my electrical business. Keep your head up and don't let life live you!

Glenn Holland

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