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Grant To Help Accident Disabled Grandma Get Accessible Home For Hubby

by Terry Bellville
(Newell, WV, USA)

I am a 51-year-old wife, mother of three and mawmaw to four wonderful kids. I'm looking for some government grant money to make our home handicap accessible.

I was a Jewelry Manager for Walmart in Mountain View, California. I should still be able to work, take my grandkids to play in the park, help them ride a bike, or just walk the Golden Gate Bridge.

Instead, I am disabled thanks to an illegal alien who had a brand new SUV, no driver's license, or insurance. She hit us from behind and from what I was told was deported but most likely was back in 24 hours.

I lost my job. I had moved to San Mateo, California and was planning on bringing my husband there to retire. But instead I had to return to West Virginia for surgery, not knowing if I would be able to work again or not.

It didn't happen. After surgery to repair my right shoulder, I was never able to get regain the total use of it. I developed a circulation issue, and was given Social Security Disability after two years of fighting for it.

I had a DVT in 2000 and after testing for the shoulder surgery, it was found that I have hemochromatosis, Leiden Factory 5, added to Fibromyalgia. My life was veering totally out of control.

But then just as it seemed to be falling back into line, my husband, Roy, sneezed and his back went out. He could hardly stand. Walking was impossible.

After an MRI and a CT scan, it was found that he needed surgery on his back. On October 31, 2003 he had the surgery and after another six months he was finally able to return to work.

During those long months, we had to pay his health insurance through his work. He received $120 every two weeks. What little money I had gotten from my job when I had to retire was used for keeping us from losing our home, and everything else.

I was doing everything I could to keep us from bankruptcy. Roy went back to work and our lives were starting to get back to normal.

In August 2006 we were planning a trip for our 25th anniversary. Our children were giving us a wedding we never had. Things were going great.

But just when we thought the worst was over, the rug was pulled so far out from under us we never knew what hit us.

On an early morning, as the alarm was ringing for Roy to get up, he could not get up. His back was back where we started. He could hardly walk.

I called his doctor and we arrived there later in the day. Again an MRI and CT scan, but this time the results were very unpleasant. There were no good options for him.

Surgery could not be done again. All that could be done was try to keep him comfortable. And get him relief from the pain. So he got his first round of shots in his back to help with the pain. It did give him some relief.

He was granted SS Disability, but there was that wonderful five-month waiting period. We had to pay COBRA for him to have insurance.

Our wonderful anniversary now had a big black cloud over it.

Yet, on October 7, 2006 we did have the wedding our children worked so hard to give to us.

Roy was in so much pain. He had to take pain meds just to walk into the church. He had to sit instead of stand, yet it was a great day for us to celebrate our 25 years together.

They were not always rose gardens, thorns showed up now and then, but we had made it.

Our dream trip was gone though. We had planned for years to go to Cherokee, North Carolina. We will never get to have that dream come true.

For the next two years we struggled to pay his COBRA to keep his medical coverage. We struggled to keep on top of the bills. But sadly in 2009, we had no choice but to file bankruptcy.

Today, in March 2010 we are struggling again to keep our house. We had a major setback with our FHA loan, because of someone dropping the ball. Our file was lost in paper land. I think that maybe I did get this fixed. We will see in 5-6 weeks.

As for Roy, he turns 65 on May 19, 2010. His back is so bad that he is now in an electric chair just to get around the house.

Going to the doctor's office is a nightmare for him. We have no way to get his chair into our van, which is on its last leg. So he has to walk a short distance from the car to the door.

Our dreams now consist of just getting through another day.

He has aged so fast in the past three years. His hair is snow white. He sleeps most days. The depression is terrible. He can no longer stand in the shower.

We are just getting by with what we have now. Social Security did not increase because the cost of living did not increase. Let me tell you mine did.

We have to choose between medicine and food sometimes, along with other things we need. That doughnut hole hit us in early fall 2009.

Insulin was $300 a month. Thank God for our doctor who was able to provide us with enough samples.

We cannot afford to have our bathroom made handicap accessible. We cannot get a car or find a way to fix our car so that he can have his chair. We have no life other than being home.

He gets out when the weather is nice and he can go on the sidewalks. We are growing older so quickly every day. I want to be around to see my grandkids grow up, to have great grandchildren. But at this rate I'll be lucky to get to 70.

Our American dream is dying more and more each day. I know there are grants out there to help with making Roy's life easier. By making his life easier, it makes my life complete.

I would love to give Roy a reason to get out of bed. Jut to be able to shower like a normal person would be a big help.

Most of all, I want to be able to get his chair into our van so we could go do something together. It would be such a blessing.

I have looked at used vans that have seats that fold down to make a bed, but how can I afford a new or used car?

To sum this up, I guess you could say that we are two adults who are disabled, and who desperately want to have some quality time with each other, to make memories that will last a lifetime.

It sounds so simple but the bottom line is MONEY. We have nothing extra to dig us up out of this muddy mess.

If a grant can be found to make these improvements then we can really begin to live, and only then will the two of us once again, look forward to getting older.

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