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Grant To Help Bipolar Schizophrenic Former Contractor Resume Business

by Arthur Johns
(Manchester, PA, USA)

Hello, I am a 39-year-old male. I am engaged to a wonderful woman, with three great children and a two-year-old grand daughter. Two of our children live with us along with our granddaughter.

I had my own contracting company, and would like to get back into the workplace again. Our son would like to learn the trade and work beside me. I would love to be able to leave it to him when I get too old to be out there swinging a hammer. Hopefully it will be many years down the road.

Disability Issues

I have been disabled since 2000. A week before I got injured, my mother passed. Since then my bipolar, schizophrenia, and my physical disabilities have progressed to the point of severe depression and mood swings.

I've tried to deal with these issues on my own for so long that it is very hard to ask for help. I am on permanent physical and mental disability, but I believe that if I went back to work that my mental disability would be a lot less.

Financial Hardship

At this time we have to move about every four or five months, because we just can't make it with our disability income.

We have two children at home and a grandchild. We can't get a car because of trying to support our children.

Rides to doctors, food, meds or anything else are all too costly for us. We have to work around everyone else's schedule.

Because of the transportation issue, it's hard for anyone in the house to get a job or even for our children to get to school events or doctors visits.

In order to get food we have to pay someone to come and get us, sit with us while we shop, then get him or her to bring us home.

It's not cheap and we have to hope that we give a long notice, and have cash for gas.

I'm tired of not being able to support our family and feeling like a burden to our children.

Income Efforts

I've been trying to get back to work for some time now, and it is very frustrating. I don't speak to any of my family. We do odd jobs when we can get them, but they are few and far between when you live month to month.

We are both on SSDI, but it's not even paying for the basics. I'm not the type of person to ask for help with anything.

We don't really have any friends to speak of that aren't in the same money troubles we are.

Specific Needs

We are not looking for a hand out, just a hand up. I want to work for our family, like a father, grandfather and spouse should.

We would like any help in getting a truck and some more tools so our son and I can start a new honest hardworking contracting company.

Any grants, loans, donations or even advice would be great. We really don't want any sympathy, just some help to be a more productive member of society.

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Jan 11, 2014
Family man
by: Arthur Johns

Thank you for the chance to make a better life for my family. I hope we can work together to make this a good experience for all of us.

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