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Grant To Help Bipolar Woman With Multiple Disabilities Move Back Home

by Carolyn Cofield
(Kent, Washington, USA)

I am a 58-year-old female living in Washington State. I moved here 12 years ago running from a life of crime and drugs.

I have four brothers and four sisters in North Carolina that I have not seen in 21 years.

I have a son that lives with me, and a daughter that lives in Kentucky. I have not seen her in five years.

I grew up in a very abusive home. I still have nightmares regarding some things that went on there.

Once my mother passed away I moved from the south to California, then to Texas, then to Washington State.

I was mostly living with my daughter who was in the military at the time and trying to help me get my life together. I would work but could not keep a job.

Disability Issues

After several attempts at suicide I was diagnosed with PTSD, bipolar disorder, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

I recently had back surgery. I have been disabled now for two years and am receiving SSDI payments.

I try very hard to stay on my medications and have been drug free for over 20 years. But even with the medications I still have some complications.

Since my last surgery, I recently started going to church. I miss my siblings and grandchildren a lot and want to move closer to family.

I do not have any close friends or family here. I get really depressed on holidays and when I am sick.

Financial Hardship

My only source of income is my SSDI check of $1070 per month.

I will not qualify for Medicare until I have been disabled for two years, which is coming up in October 2013.

I did qualify for Medicaid but with a spend-down that I could not afford. So mostly I do not take my medications the way I should.

When I did take my medication I was like a zombie and did not know whether I was coming or going.

I was so desperate to return to work that I have tried everything in the last year to find work. But I cannot hold down a job or get hired because of my mental issues.

Income Efforts

I have tried work-at-home jobs that did not work out because I would get really emotional, having fits of crying or violent outbursts.

My daughter and son are not able to help me financially.

Friends I do not have. It is very hard to keep friends. I am very anti-social.

Recently I got a job with the Department of Defense. It lasted three weeks. I was terminated because I got sick and had to have back surgery and did not complete training.

Specific Needs

My most specific need at this time is to return home to be close to family. I talk to them but they are unable to visit me and I cannot afford to visit them.

I need a grant if possible to relocate to North Carolina. I need financial help to move my meager belongings because I cannot afford to replace anything.

I do not need a lot, just enough to get home after all these years. I would love to spend my elder years around people that care about me.

Being sick and not having anyone around to help me or even visit me in the hospital is very depressing.

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Aug 01, 2013
There's No Place Like Home

I truly understand your situation. I was away from home over 20 years myself before I could return. I will never leave for that long ever again. I hope you find a solution to your problem and keep trying.

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