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Grant To Help Disabled Mom Repair Car And Fix Up Home For Autistic Son

by Angela Aery
(Keota, Iowa, USA)

I'm 31 years old and a full-time housewife and mother. My husband and I have a four-year-old son. We have a cat that is almost a year.

My husband, who is 38, went into the military as a cook. He is a homemaker and father.

We live in small house in a small town. The house needs work but it's livable.

Disability Issues

My son is autistic and has a learning disability. I have a learning disability also, and the beginning of schizophrenia and anxiety disorder.

I have $710 a month Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

Autism is a disorder of neural development. My son hears large crowds in his head all the time.

My learning disability is that I'm slow and learn slower than others can, but I still can learn.

My beginning of schizophrenia and anxiety disorder doesn't mess up my way of taking care of my needs and my sons.

My son is lower in mental age. He loves sensory toys. He doesn't like sticky hands and dirty hands. He loves to be around others. He doesn't talk to anyone he doesn't know, but he says a few words to us.

Financial Hardship

I have $710 and my son has $710 a month in Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

Our rent is $425, our water $70, our electric $312, our food budget is $250 and our phone is $45. It's $50-$60 to gas up our car for a month. We have $261 left over for everything else we may need the whole month.

Our car is on its last legs. We need a new one.

We need to fix our house. We have nothing else. We are renting to own.

I would like to see my family more often so I don't have to be gone long periods of time.

Income Efforts

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is our only source of income.

Church gives us a little food and odds and ends now and then. They helped us with our electricity when we moved into our new place.

Friends help a little but nothing a whole lot.

My Mother sometimes gives us money for gas and takes us out to eat when we are in town.

My son gets a few things from school like backpack stuff and toys here and there.

People give clothes and stuff like that, but we need some more money so we can fix our house and get a new car.

Specific Needs

My son really needs a room suited to him, one that provides more of autistic environment to help him get more out of life and not be upset about everything.

He gets into everything when he doesn't know what else to do. He likes the outdoors but he doesn't know where anything is.

We have to watch him more the other four year olds because he doesn't see the way we do. He only sees what's in his eyesight right in front of him and that's it.

We need a fence to keep him safe and a home that lets him see more. We need help with the life I want to give him.

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