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Grant To Help Former Convict Disabled By Herniated Disc Live In Own Home

by Larry Harris
(Cleveland, Ohio, USA)

I'm a 57-year-old African American male who spent a great part of life in and out of prisons (never any harm to children and/or females).

During my imprisonment I worked in federal prison industrials (Unicor). I worked for the textile department, making United States Postal Service bags.

The prison system allowed me the opportunity to obtain my GED as well as receive an AA degree from St. Mary College earning 69 credits.

I am presently living in my sister's basement and would like to work my way to a higher living standard.

It's hard to work to make a living under great periods of pain, but my dreams of becoming a homeowner are numbered.

I want to become a productive US citizen!!!

Disability Issues

In September 1993, working out with weights, I herniated a disc in my back. The nerves got ground on over a long period of time, causing knockout pain!!!

I receive SSI (full coverage).

Financial Hardship

I receive $710 SSI monthly and $31 from job and family services.

I can't pay the deposit on a small home and utilities and other household expense.

I have a driver's license, but no car. I can't afford to pay a note.

Income Efforts

I've received a college degree.

I've enrolled in a number of staffing agencies as well as other private agencies.

I receive benefits from SSI and job and family services.

Specific Needs

Benefits or grants would help my situation a great deal.

I want to be stronger so that I can be of help to others!!!

Business Idea

I would love to start a nonprofit organization to feed homeless people. I would need the funds to feed a nice size population.

The building must be sizeable in order to house a shower, a pantry and a round course meal at noontime or maybe at 11:00.

This should make life better for those who need help in America's environment.

In God we trust!!!

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