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Grant To Help Osteoporosis Disabled Dad Pay School Fees For Children

by Justus Kabuna
(Kisii, Nyanza, Kenya)

I'm a 49-year-old married father with four children. My first-born daughter is in university and her follower, a boy, is in high school. The last-born twin boys are in primary school.

I am a trained accountant recognized by the Accountants Examining Board in Kenya.

My wife is running a small kiosk business.

Disability Issues

I got diagnosed with osteoarthritis in 2006 and was put on medication. My right hip was severely affected by 2007 and it was replaced with an artificial implant.

I went on with my day-to-day life until 2010 when the left hip also developed the same pains as the right hip that was replaced.

I visited the same hospital and to my disappointment I was again diagnosed with osteoarthritis.

I was hospitalized again in April 2013 and underwent another operation, which left me with a bilateral hip replacement.

This has greatly affected my movement and even the length of time that I continuously sit down.

I cannot lift up anything more than 20kg.

I am supporting myself with crutches in my movements.

Financial Hardship

I was brought up in a poor family of six. My father passed away when I was a small boy in primary. Our single mum raised us in a desperate way.

I left my studies in high school and started working to assist my mum in support my other siblings. Later I joined college to study accountancy.

I got a job with a private organization where I worked for a few years and changed to another as an accounts assistant.

I have worked for this organization for nearly 20 years with exception of three years when I was sick.

I am on nutritional drugs, which are very expensive for my income.

I use a motorcycle to and from my workplace daily, which is quite uncomfortable to my health.

I disposed of our family car, which I had struggled to obtain to ease our transport, and to pay off the hospital bills, which were so much beyond our savings.

Income Efforts

Starting from my current workplace, I have requested a pay adjustment to match with my experience and qualifications. But being a private institution, the proprietor turns me down with the excuse that the business is not doing well.

I have again tried with charitable organizations in Kenya but I have not yet had any luck.

My friends are equally unable to assist. My other family members are also struggling to make ends meet.

Specific Needs

I need a grant to help me with my children's school fees. It's very expensive particularly for the one in university and the twins joining high school next year.

I also need starting capital to generate income to assist my family live a stable living and if possible get car to enable my mobility in my daily chores.

Business Idea

If am assisted to get a starting capital, I will invest in the supply of laboratory chemicals and equipments for high schools.

One of the winning requirements for tender applicants in our country is the ability to supply the required items and physical availability of the stock.

In this case if I can manage to get a good stock, I will be assured of getting a chance to supply these items to schools and can manage to take care of my family needs.

This business will involve a van to transport these items to various schools. This is why I had indicated above that a van would be necessary to facilitate easy mobility.

Thanks. I am looking forward for your kind consideration.

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Aug 11, 2013
Justice for Justus
by: Don from Accessible.org

Hey Justus!

You didn't have to wait long for a helping hand to arrive thanks to Ken!

Don from Accessible.org

Aug 11, 2013
Story published
by: Anonymous

Thanks for publishing my story. I hope God will inspire someone somewhere to give a hand.
Thank you.

Aug 10, 2013
Tough times
by: Ken

Hi Justus,

We are having problems in Canada as well. Have you ever tried setting up a hosted webpage that people may call you to do their personal accounting, budget planning...etc?

I am not quite sure what you are looking for. Have you looked on ability-mission.org for grants? If you search there, you may find contacts needed to obtain your goal. I wish I could be of more help.

Best of Luck,

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