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Grant To Help Polio Disabled Senior With Long Term Care For Self And Wife

by Clayton Roes
(Leamington, Ontario, Canada)

I am 84 years of age, male, married, with two adult children, and am a retired office worker.

I never served in the military, due to a disease I experienced as a child. My wife has been in long-term care for three years, and I am in an apartment in the building next door.

I am also involved in a number of senior activities, as well as a number of volunteer duties in the community over the years.

I received an award from the Governor General of Canada for significant service to compatriots, community and to Canada.

Disability Issues

I had polio at age 14 months severely affecting both legs from the hips down requiring extensive orthopedic surgery, and was not able to walk until age 8.

I worked for 40 years in general office duties, gradually deteriorating physically, requiring the use of canes, then crutches, then a wheelchair.

For the past five years, I have been totally confined to a motorized wheelchair and am now living alone in a small apartment.

Financial Hardship

The cost of supporting my wife in long-term care, my apartment costs, and the general cost of living is overwhelming.

I do my necessary shopping in my chair, by handi-bus.

Not being able to stand on my legs any longer, I have special equipment to assist in transferring into bed, the bathroom, etc.

I am not qualified for long-term care, and the cost of both my wife and myself in this care would be exorbitant.

Monthly financial assistance would be a tremendous help, and very much appreciated.

Income Efforts

Because of my age, my mobility problems, etc. it is not possible to obtain work in the work place.

I have responded to many work-at-home offers on the internet, and have found practically all of them to be scams, or requiring up-front payments.

My family is a great help insofar as being available when special care is needed

Specific Needs

What I would really find helpful would be monthly financial assistance to cover the cost of living.

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