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Grant To Help Seizure Disabled Former Truck Driver Find Bill Paying Work

by Joseph Maloney
(Old Bridge, New Jersey, USA)

I am a 48-year-old divorced man with no children. I reside in my home alone at this time.

For 30 years I was a commercial truck driver and loving it. It all ended when I got hit by the unexpected.

I worked very hard all my life to keep good credit and not be a burden on society. I paid into the system and would still be doing it if it weren't for my disability.

Disability Issues

Soon to be one year ago I was on the job, driving along when IT happened. Up until that time I had no history whatsoever of seizures.

While driving, I experienced a seizure, passed out and crashed the truck. EMS arrived and brought me out of unconsciousness.

They transported me to the hospital. An examination revealed a tumor that contributed to the seizure.

Now I can no longer make a living the way I did the past 30 years. I cannot drive a commercial vehicle because of the possibility of seizures even though I'm on medication to prevent them.

The doctors will monitor my condition for as long as needed. I must comply and get MRIs every three to four months to make sure the cancer/tumor does not return.

Financial Hardship

About four months prior to my incident, I obtained a mortgage for an old home that I planned on remodeling.

Due to my condition, I collected temporary Disability, which only lasted for six months.

After that, I used up every bit of my retirement out of the bank to survive. Now I am struggling to stay up to date on my mortgage and other bills.

With no income coming in I do not know what to do. As far as getting around my girlfriend drives me to where I must go.

Income Efforts

Income efforts would include selling anything of value such as my truck and any kind of scrap metal to make it worthwhile.

I do have an SSI, SSDI claim pending and is in the reconsideration stage.

Specific Needs

My needs would be to obtain any kind of disability grants or benefits to help me avoid going into foreclosure.

I worked very hard all my life to keep good credit and not be a deviant in society.

All I really need right now is some income and not more debt, meaning loans to keep me above water so to speak.

I just need help to keep everything I have worked so hard for the past 30 years.

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