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Grant To Help Single Mom With Lupus Disabilities Complete EET Degree

by Elda Thompson
(Newark, New Jersey, USA)

I am 44 years old and a single parent of two children. The fathers are not paying the mandatory child support ordered by the court.

My father is a vet from the Vietnam War. It disabled him and left him with his present illness.

Disability Issues

I have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, congestive heart failure (CHF), cardiomyopathy, lupus, carpal tunnel, tarsal tunnel syndrome and seizures.

It is all due to the systemic Lupus creating all of the damage.

I also have a bleeding disorder that does not allow me to take the arthritis medication or steroids to control the arthritis or inflammation.

I was diagnosed with cystic masses in my esophagus pressing against my thyroid and my voice box. I lose my voice on a daily basis and the pain is getting more and more intense.

Financial Hardship

I have to wear braces on both legs because of spinal damage due to nerve deterioration and traveling walking and any kind of movements.

I have to sleep sitting down and have an apnea machine due to my lung and heart damage.

I use a cane and a walker. To move around better, I also have an electronic chair, but it needs to be fixed.

Income Efforts

I have SSI.

I had help from the church in the beginning.

I was also receiving child support from my son's father but not from my daughter's father.

My friends have helped with rides and minimal financial assistance.

Specific Needs

I need to complete my Electrical Engineering Technology (EET) degree.

I need to be able to pay my property taxes and school expenses (for myself and my children).

I also need to finish fixing my home from the damages sustained in the Irene and Sandy Hurricanes.

I truly need the assistance to be able to have some kind of independence since my friends and even family members don't return my calls since my illness was discovered.

It was different when I was an executive, then everyone had time for me.

Business Idea

I want to do consultation for people that need assistance with computer issues.

I want to develop a blog on personal advice for people with a disability or starting to deal with their illness or stressed situation.

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