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Grants For Accident Disabled Grandma To Get Eye Surgery And Suitable Vehicle

by Katherine Underhill
(Stanwood, MI, USA)

I am a 50-year-old mother of two adult children with four grandchildren. I love the outdoors and trips to lake Michigan with my grandchildren.

I also love to camp and fish whenever I can. I like to say I am a survivor.

Disability Issues

I was in an auto accident in 1990 when I collide with a deer and hit a tree. I broke my spine and suffered a spinal cord injury.

I have had multiple surgeries and am able to walk with a limp. I have Browns Séquard syndrome and always have pain. I am stable and do okay when medicated but have been deemed disabled by the government since 1993.

My condition will not improve after 23 years. I am full of arthritis and have severe right-side muscle atrophy and left-side sensation loss

I keep pushing myself though to live each day the best I can.

Financial Hardship

I have Medicare and Medicaid for most medical needs and auto insurance, but there are things that even these insurances don't cover.

My income is very low just over $700 a month. It's hard to survive on this. I go to the wellness center three days a week for prescribed self-therapy.

My vehicle is old and costly. It is a '96 Blazer. I can't afford to keep putting money in it but it is all I have to drive. I can't drive a car as the low seats cause me great pain. I have to drive something that rides high to keep my hips and knees level.

It would be great if just once I could get a nice dependable vehicle to drive to appointments and take short trips.

I would also like to have my astigmatism corrected with laser vision correction, as my eyesight is awful.

I have chronic sinusitis and migraines so glasses irritate the issue but I have no insurance coverage for this procedure.

I have had one eye surgery already for a ptygerium removal and have severe dry eyes as well so my eyes always feel strained and glasses don't help that problem.

Income Efforts

I have social security disability and SSI, which is just over $700 per month. I get a $112 bridge card for food, and a mileage check for medical appointments from auto insurance.

I did work for a couple years in the early 90s as a bartender and part-time manager at a local pub, but being on my feet to long became too difficult and I had to stop the job. I have not worked since.

I can never predict what a day will be for me in regards to pain or ability to move easily due to my injuries.

I have never tried to get grants because I never thought I could.

I have often thought it would be great if I could open some kind of small business just to feel some since of self-worth.

I love animals, especially small dogs. If I could be a private veterinarian assistant on my own I would do so for small animals.

Specific Needs

I am hoping to get a grant for a surgical procedure on my eyes to correct my astigmatism and reverse the need for glasses. It would also stop the constant headaches I have from the pressure of the glasses on my face and sinuses.

I would like to be able to purchase a nice vehicle that I can feel safe driving to appointments and on family trips but my income just won't support such a thing. It would take most of my check to make a payment and the rest to insure it.

My only requirement is that it has to be an automatic, because I have a lot of spasticity from the spinal cord injury and it is too difficult to manage a clutch and brake together.

It also has to be high enough to keep my hips and knees level or it causes me a lot of pain and difficulty when trying to get out of the vehicle.

Prior to my auto accident, I was an over-the-road truck driver and then a school system hired me to drive bus. Then I had my accident and was never able to take the job.

Driving is something that I enjoy and always have but for many years I have driven old vehicles because it is all I can afford.

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