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Grants To Help Bipolar Young Man Get Needed Medication and Own Home

by Aaron McCollum
(Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA)

My name is Aaron McCollum. I am a 24-year-old young man. I stay with my mom and my two sisters.

Although I have no kids at the time I look forward to having some in the future.

After I graduated from high school I went to aviation school; however, after about six months in I dropped out due to financial issues.

I plan to go back to school in the future for something that doesn't cost as much as aviation school.

Disability Issues

I just want to start by saying I am bipolar. I was first diagnosed at the age of 21 years. I am now 24 years old so I have been bipolar for three years going on four now.

In the beginning I would have racing thoughts. I would think about multiple things at one time and couldn't distinguish between them as they were changing very fast.

Then other times I would start to feel very weak. After a slit second it would just hit me out of nowhere very quick.

Then I started to hear voices in my head that were not mine, sometimes more than one. It would get so bad that I started to lose my touch with reality. I didn't know what to think because it was so real.

It really is a bad experience that will scar you for life. It was very terrible. As of today I am in a stable condition and I hope it stays that way.

Financial Hardship

Financially I am doing very poorly. Sometimes I don't have the money to get my medication from the doctor.

Other times I am having trouble getting to and from my doctor appointments because I don't have a car.

I tried and tried over and over again to get a job and I'm still trying but so far haven't had any luck.

Since I don't have any income I get food stamps but that's barely enough to get by throughout the month as I also share with my family and buy food for them too.

Income Efforts

I have made several attempts at getting a job and I'm still trying to this day. Even though I've had a few interviews I have had no luck so far.

I have also attempted work-from-home programs but had no luck in making a profit from it.

I have also tried a couple times to get SSI but was denied both times. I won't give up I'm going to keep trying.

Sometimes to pay for my meds I donate plasma at the plasma center just to get about $20 to have meds for the month. This is like my main source of income since I am unemployed as of right now.

Specific Needs

I think that any type of benefits or grants will help me.

I could use help getting SSI.

I just need some type of income to help me pay for my medication and also for my medical bills from my hospital visits.

If I had Medicare it would also help me to pay for my medication.

I also need a car to get to my appointments throughout the month.

I also need to have my own place because I am currently staying with my mom and two sisters in a two-bedroom apartment and there is not enough room for us all.

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Nov 10, 2013
Keep your hopes up!
by: Ken

Hi Aaron,

You may be able to find something on this site, for housing and a job;


There are some other links on the sidebar of the site. George is right about finding a lawyer. On this site there is a contact for legal help. It is tough enough to have a disability, but to have a government that makes you hunt for help is just wrong.

Best wishes,

Nov 09, 2013
by: George

First get a lawyer. They will get you on SSD and pay you all the way back to when you first applied. Then find a labor job, stocking shelves, construction jobs, jobs that do not stress your mind because that will bring on a bipolar incident.

One more thing... when you get Social Security Disability, apply for low income help and the state will pay your monthly Medicare payment and will also help with your medication. Your lawyer will explain all this so pick up the phone and make an appointment.

Get your bible out and start reading. God will lead you. A grant may not help for a few years as the Government can't get their act together. For a house, look for one for sale or lease or owner financed. Make a deal to get yourself self-sufficient. And talk to God every day. God bless.

Nov 08, 2013
Thank you ability-mission.org
by: Aaron McCollum

I'm glad to see that my story made it on this site. I look forward to getting the help that I need and I hope that everyone else who posts a story will get help too. Thank you ability-mission.org. You guys truly have a good heart.....

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