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Grants To Help Kennedy Disease Victim Get Body Lift And Handicap Van

by Socrates Sucaldito
(Troy, MI, USA)

I am a Filipino American, 57 years of age. I have lived in Michigan since 1980. I have three kids. The youngest is finishing her last school year to be a registered nurse.

All of them love to serve their community through volunteer work. My oldest daughter is a tribal missionary in the Philippines. My wife has been a RN for 33 years.

Disability Issues

My disability is not at all a familiar term in the medical field. It is called Kennedy's Disease, originated from the doctor who discovered this dreadful hereditary disease. This disease affects the nerve and muscle areas.

I am also affected with polio, which makes my condition even worse. For the last six years my condition has gotten worse. Now I am homebound and in a wheelchair.

This neurological disease is not curable. Physical therapy helps a little, but as I get older my mobility has gotten slower. My family can only do so much to help me.

I avoid going out because it is hard to move around and transfer. I have made my life simple by sleeping on the floor. That way, I still can lift myself without the help of others.

I cut my food into small bite size pieces because swallowing has become a harder task on its own. I do hope that I don't end up bedridden.

Financial Hardship

When a family is down to a one-income family, it will have a big impact on money issues. I used to earn $1200 per month, when I was still working.

Due to my health issues, I had to stop my cleaning business. That's when my wife and I found out that it's going to be hard paying all of our monthly bills.

A registered nurse does not really earn enough to cover all the weekly and monthly expenditures. When you have two kids in college, plus mortgage and car payments, the checkbook is left with only a few dollars to show. This happens only a few days after getting her paycheck.

We always watch our expenses. Watching movies and eating out is a luxury not really necessary. Long trips and vacations put on hold because money is always in question. I cook most of the time to cut some of the expenses.

Our medical, dental and prescriptions are paid by my wife's medical insurance. These days, my health and physical stability is in good working condition.

Income Efforts

Life cannot be stagnant. Everyone needs to pull their own weight.

When I arrived as an immigrant more than thirty years ago, I bettered myself by going to trade school and taking advantage of the free education from the state of Michigan. I was lucky to land a job, but eventually bad health forced me into early retirement.

I asked for financial help from family and friends, but most of them were not able to help. Right now, I am only receiving supplemental income from the government.

Specific Needs

Anything monetary will absolutely help my situation. Medical equipment is not cheap.

I need of a body lift and a handicap vehicle. The body lift can help lift my body from the floor to the wheelchair. The lift costs a little more than $1800.

As to the handicap van, a used van will do. I don't intend buying a new one because a used van can cost $30,000 to $40,000.

The body lift and the used van are my top priority. It will ease my situation a lot.

Business Idea

I want to invest in real estate, specifically, buying tax lien properties. With this process, I can invest a small amount with a return on money invested from 12% to as high as 18%.

The return differs from state to state with an option to buy the said property. All business transactions are done online and traveling is non-existent or very minimal.

I have read and researched this field but there are more materials for advancement and they can be purchased online.

I've wanted to do this for a while, but money for health needs have become more of a priority.

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