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Handicap Van Grant For Paraplegic Single Mom Disabled By Gunshot Wounds

by Sharon
(Harrisburg, PA, USA)

I'm a 30-year-old single mother disabled by gunshot wounds in a domestic violence incident.

My 12-year-old son is my only child. My mother has four children: three boys and me, her only daughter.

I always wanted to be a nurse so I started going to school in 2007 to become a Registered Nurse. It was put on hold in 2008 after I was left for dead by a guy I had been dating for only three months.

In March 2008, I was shot six times while sitting in my car waiting on my mother and a house inspector to show up.

I sustained multiple injuries due to the gunshot wounds. I was shot in my left wrist, two times in my back hitting my spine, in my left thigh and in my stomach.

The stomach bullet hit my kidney, colon and bladder. It is still lodged near my lung, unable to be removed.

That happened almost four years ago, and I'm still unable to walk. I am considered a paraplegic, paralyzed from the waist down.

I've kept a job since I was 14 years old. I started working in the medical field in 2004, when I became a Blood Bank Technician at the hospital.

When this tragedy occurred, I lost my job and gained financial hardship. I couldn't afford to pay my rent, so I moved in with my mother.

I had to pay for my medications, the medical equipment I needed, my car note I still had and medical bills.

Unable to work a part-time or full-time job, I applied for my Social Security benefits. While waiting for a decision the bills kept coming.

I have not received any grants, donations, family members help, or help from any church.

I have returned back to school trying to finish my dream of becoming a Registered Nurse and receiving my Bachelor's Degree as well.

I need help paying back my student loans, as well as the medical bills that occurred because of this.

The balance that I owe on my car is about $15,000. I bought my car three months before I got shot.

It's my only transportation for my doctor visits, picking up my medication from the pharmacy and getting my son around to and from school.

I absolutely need my car and I definitely don't want to have a repossession on my credit report.

I need a handicap van to help store my wheelchair and supplies. I hope you can help me with this.

I had to relocate to a different state to protect my family and myself. Our lives were being threatened so I wouldn't show-up for the trial.

I am still paying a monthly storage bill for my belongings.

When my troubles are over, I would like to start an organization that helps domestic violence victims finish their dreams and move on with life.

I would like to name it "Another Chance." I would like to talk to them about what I went through and show them they don't have to give up on life or their dreams.

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