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Heart Problem Disabled Man Seeks Government Grant For Stable Housing

by James Atkins
(Whitehall, MI, USA)

It all started when my heart function went down to between 10 and 15% of its normal capacity.

I was 40, so instead of having a heart transplant, the doctor put me on a lot of meds.

It took me off work and I applied for disability. I was approved right away but had to wait almost seven months for the first check.

We got way behind on house payments. The bank said they would help us but what they did to help was a joke! They raised our payment from $760 to $1352! What kind of help is that?

My disability was not even close to that. There was no bailout help from them. So I lost my family home!

Now we rent other people's houses. We rented a house for 12 months. We paid early every month. Then one day a woman came and put a paper on the door saying the house was foreclosed on.

The young kid who we were renting from did not even tell us anything. The realty company hired to sell the house for the bank told if we moved they would give $1300 to move and give them the keys!

So we trusted them and moved. Guess what? No money from them and they have since sold the house. And there's still nothing from them.

We now live in a nothing rental house again. We've paid early every month for over two years but at least the landlords have told us they're behind on their house payments and have to put the house up for sale.

I'm now 48 and tired of moving.

My 1997 truck is also falling apart. We also have a car with 200,000 miles on it with oil coming through the radiator hoses but we cannot fix it or buy another car. My wife has to drive 55 miles a day for $8 an hour job. The car will not last much longer.

It's hard to keep up with ostomy supplies cost. We've o money to move again if the house is sold. We need help! Anything!

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Sep 15, 2010
Housing Grants in Minnesota
by: Katina

Congratulations on making the effort to submit your story to Accessible.org.

With the publication of your story, you are now well on your way to:

1. Getting your story known to a wide audience that could help you.

2. Getting your story polished up and presentable so you can submit it elsewhere, including the White House.

As a disabled person myself, I can sympathize with your situation and I definitely understand your need for help.

I've done a bit of research and found these resources for you:

National Resource Center on
Supportive Housing and Home Modification

HUD Housing Assistance

Please let us know if the resources have helped you in any way.

Katina from Accessible.org

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