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Housing and Dental Grants Needed To Help April With Multiple Disabilities

by April Bullinger
(Chelsea, Oklahoma, USA)

April and family

April and family

My name is April Lynne Terry-Bullinger (my maiden name is Gulley). I am a 41-year-old mother of four grown children, and grandmother of four beautiful babies.

When my children all grew up, and began their own lives, I adopted my "furry babies." There is Benjamin, my brown Chihuahua. Harden (named after James Harden the basketball player) the miniature white Chihuahua, and last but not least my 10-month-old American Pit named Sully.

Children and animals inspire me to keep going in this world. I will never be a rich woman with "Man's Gold" but I am wealthy beyond measure with the love of my family.

Disability Issues

Bipolar and schizophrenia run on both sides of my maternal and paternal families. I was diagnosed several years ago with Acute Bipolar and Anxiety, with Major Depression, Agoraphobic Tendencies and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The PTSD came from being continuously sexually assaulted as a baby till I was around 13 years old.

I guess that The Lord above drew the line at hearing voices. The medicine that I am prescribed is my mental lifeline, so therefore an imperative part of my daily routine. What I seem to struggle with the most is agoraphobia and depression.

I am somewhat "normal" inside my home or as some people call it, my bubble, because it is my safe zone.

Within the last year I have been diagnosed with diabetes and the early stages of arthritis. I have lost all of my teeth on top because of my medications and health issues. The bottom teeth are starting to lose their grip now, as well.

Financial Hardship

Social Security Disability is a godsend to me because before it I was not financially stable enough to keep a roof over my head. I have lived at the lake and in my car in some of my younger years.

Thank You Jesus. I have a roof over my head but it is not mine and there is the continuous fear that I will be homeless again one day.

My Medicaid and Medicare pay for my prescriptions and doctor visits for the most part; however it pays nothing on dental, except to remove the teeth. Dentures are crazy expensive, but a necessity.

Income Efforts

I do not own a car so friends help me out a lot with that.

Friends and local Churches help me supplement my food budget. They both have saved the day more than once.

I do try to help myself and make ends meet by holding Social Media yard sales. This works for me in two ways:

1. I don't have to leave my house, only set up a pick up time and set the sold item on the front porch.

2. I make a few spare dollars.

Mostly how I get by is by spending my money wisely to start with. A lot of it boils down to needs and wants. You soon learn that you need very little and wants can wait.

Specific Needs

Because of everything that I have described above I am asking for information on housing and dental grants.

My anxiety would be cut in half if I knew that I had my own roof over my head and I sure would like to smile with confidence once more in this lifetime.

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Jan 31, 2015
Thank You.
by: April

Thank you both for all your help...

Jan 20, 2015
Time to start making lemonade!
by: Ken

Hi April,

Like the title says, it's time to start making lemonade. You have been given a lot of lemons! I can imagine that you have done a bunch of searching, but I have a couple of addresses for you. You may want to try this site for dental help:


Here is another one that may help you with both your dental and medical:


Godspeed April,

Jan 20, 2015
Great Attitude
by: Don from Ability-Mission.org

Hi April,

What a great attitude you have. My brother says, "Attitude is everything."

Now you can go on to the Workbook phase.

All the best,
Don Coggan

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