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Housing And Legal Help For Accident Brain Injured TBI Disabled USMC Veteran

by Keith
(Long Pond, PA, USA)

I am 53-year-old father and USMC veteran. I am TBI disabled and looking for grants and legal help.

I am married but do not live with my son's mother. She lives with her Boyfriend. USMC

I have a brain injury. I was a Teamsters trucker. While driving, I was cut off by a car with kids in the back. I drove off road and had an accident.

I started having seizures. Epilepsy. I have had two back surgeries within the last three years. I need one more.

My problems started this year when the local school superintendent made me a target, as well as my son.

He was enrolled in his current school for two years because the other school in the area was failing and gang infested.

I recently lost my oldest son to suicide. A psychologist wrote a letter to the school, asking that he remain in his current school.

Long story short, he was kicked out of school, and kicked off the football team.

I then rented an apartment to follow the doctor's orders, leaving me $4000 in debt.

I get SSDI and workers compensation. I am not permitted to work, nor can I with my back issues.

I need a lawyer, because I was harassed by the school district. But I can't afford the fees.

I need a mattress for my back and an advocate because it seems there are no accommodations for people with TBI.

I need to do repairs on my home.

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Dec 06, 2011
TBI Lawyer
by: Ken

Hi Keith,

First, were you at fault in the accident? What caused your Traumatic Brain Injury? Do you have short/long term memory loss, vision impairment, balance problems, cognitive problems, loss of senses, smell, taste or feelings in your limbs? These are some of the conditions you end up with when you have a TBI. You mention your back injury mostly. I have an address for a TBI lawyer, you can copy and paste this to your browser, you may want to discuss a contingency fee with him/her:


They will ask you a lot of questions. Make sure you have all of your medical papers, police reports, what kind of losses you have incurred and what you need to recover. You will have to make a case beforehand for them to even look at this. Don't rush; think and rethink all of the things that have happened before you call them. This is a long process if your lawyer feels that you have been wronged. Be prepared for at least one year for any progress. Hope this helps,

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