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Housing Grant To Help COPD Disabled Woman Pay For Home And Caregiver

by Karen Baker
(Lancaster, CA, USA)

I'm a 52-year-old single woman with no children. I live in a rented room in Lancaster California.

My parents are still living but not in good health. Most of my family lives out of the area.

I have one small dog named Peanut who is 12 years old.

Disability Issues

I have COPD, which includes emphysema, asthma, pulmonary lung disease and a leaky heart valve.

I contracted this disease because I smoked cigarettes at one time. As time went on after I quit smoking my symptoms surfaced with severe breathing difficulties and shortness of breath.

I did not take care of myself the way I should have and this has left me permanently disabled on Social Security fixed income.

I have other health issues like borderline diabetes and have to eat small meals every 3-4 hours.

I'm on numerous lung medications including a nebulizer machine and now a CPAP machine for severe sleep apnea, which causes me to sometimes stop breathing.

Financial Hardship

I'm living on a fixed income of $966 Social Security. Just to survive, I live in a county that is the least expensive.

It is extremely hot here in Lancaster California and not easy on my lungs.

I have a caregiver, which in home support services pay for. He works 13 hours a week.

I rent a small room with my dog Peanut.

I can't work a physical job but am looking for something on the Internet to help me supplement my income. Money is very tight here.

I want to move into an apartment and have a roommate, which will help me with living expenses. I just don't have the money to get in a place of my own.

I take numerous medications daily, so I'm homebound for that reason.

My doctor put in a request for a power scooter for me. I'm not sure if I will qualify with the type of insurance I have.

My living environment is not good as my heating and air conditioning is very limited due to not being able to afford the cost.

My caregiver drives me where I need to go. I can't afford a shower chair or bedside commode. My insurance won't pay for it.

Income Efforts

I have been looking for income help online. I tried eBay for a while. That did not work out. I could not afford their high fees.

I am getting social security $966 of a month. I have medical med co-pays that come out of that.

I'm trying to find grants for my disability and they're not easy to find because of having to download their paperwork. I have no printer.

Family lives out of town and can't help. I have a few friends here but they can't help as they are disabled as well.

I want to work online somehow as a business to supplement my income.

Specific Needs

I need a three-bedroom apartment for me and my caregiver and my nephew who will come and live with us to help me out. I need furnishings to make my life easier, like:
- a power scooter
- a shower chair
- a medical adjustable bed full size
- an air purifier to help me breathe better
- a raised chair

I'm looking for a grant of at least $2500 to get an apartment and furnishings and to pay for the additional caregiver hours I'll need as my medical condition worsens.

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