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Housing Grant To Help Work Accident Disabled Man With Home Repairs

by John Hart
(Perry, FL, USA)

I am 44 and the father of one grown daughter.

I was a certified electrician. I am currently enrolled fulltime online at Florida Institute of Technology.

I have been attending since 2014 and will be receiving my BA degree in 2014 in Psychology. I would like to eventually be able to obtain a master's degree.

Disability Issues

I became disabled when I was 15 years old. I was working as an electrician and fell off of a ladder. I broke my pelvis and it never healed back.

Because of this problem I suffer from hip and back pain. I have trouble walking on a regular basis and I have trouble sitting for long periods of time.

My condition has brought on severe depression.

I am in constant pain and just have to deal with it because doctors say my condition will not get any better and could possibly worsen.

My disability status is permanent.

Financial Hardship

I do suffer from financial hardship. I live on my disability income on a month-to-month basis.

I don't get a Social Security Supplement payment, and I get less than $20 in help with food on a monthly basis from the government.

I do not work from home or outside my home. I have to pay home insurance, lights, water, gas, sewer, garbage, Internet (for school), TV, phone, someone to take me places, co-pays on meds, grocery and personal items, co-pays for doctor visits, etc.

All the bills vary from month to month. Some months I have to chose between paying one bill or another one.

Income Efforts

I have applied for grants to help me make repairs to my home; I have gotten some help with that but not much.

I don't work from or outside my home.

I receive my disability income from social security.

I don't receive any help from churches.

I do get help from friends and family, when they can afford to help me, but it is never very much, usually less than $50.

Specific Needs

I am seeking assistance applying for government grants to make repairs to my home through a contractor.

I have sought help from some government agencies as to helping me with repairs, but mostly have run into dead ends because I am told my disability does not qualify, for the specific disability they help with.

I am not real sure as to what all is out there in terms of assistance for people with my disability.

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