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Husband Looking For Disability Or Other Government Grants For A Disabled Wife

by Perry Lechleitner
(Kunkletown, PA, USA)

I'm a husband looking for disability or other government grants for my disabled wife. She is 52 years old and is a great wife and mother and was a super registered nurse for 30 years until February 22, 2007.

I was taking her to a facility for outpatient surgery eight days after a snowstorm. We assumed the private parking deck would be safe, but as she stepped out of the car she slipped and fell due to ice and slush.

To shorten this part of the story, she broke her hip and tore muscle, tendons and ligaments in the right hip, lower back, hamstring, pelvic areas.

She now has permanent sacral nerve damage and spends most if not all day in bed. As if this wasn't bad enough, while attempting to heal, Diane ended up having two heart attacks, emergency gall bladder surgery and then on top of everything else, breast cancer!

It should go without saying that she is severely depressed. And she's on so many different medications for all her problems that the side effects can be just as bad as the injuries and illnesses.

Diane was the major financial support for our family; when this happened she was working hospice and pediatric home care, so we had no insurance.

I am doing the best I can to try and bring in money, but the economy has hurt my attempts. Recently Diane was approved for Medicare and is now receiving SSD, so we have a little money.

My biggest concern is that our house is not suited for my wife to get around. The bathroom is very small and deteriorating, making it a hazard for her. Getting in and out of the house is difficult without a ramp.

We have been working with our mortgage company to keep the house. Our two cars were repossessed and so I drive an old "beater" to get around. Our doctors are 50 minutes from our house, so traveling to them is an adventure to put it mildly.

If there is any help available out there, maybe disability or other government grants to help us out, it would mean so much to us.

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