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100% Disabled Veteran Losing Home Due To Medical Expense Caused Debt

by Deborah Hampton
(Milford, DE, USA)

I came from a middle class family. At age 6 my mother made choices that affected/hurt/and humiliated her children.

My father was in the Navy and my mother hid us from him. That was my life until I turned 18 and I eventually joined the Navy as a hospital corpsman.

I felt at home there especially taking care of the Marines. I was unfortunately in an accident that hurt and fractured my neck and lower back.

Needless to say I was booted out on the medical and could never effectively work again without help.

I moved to Delaware and eventually entered the VA system again. My transition took months and I ended up at Johns Hopkins Hospital with multiple surgeries.

I am looking at more in the future. My husband has insurance but it doesn't cover stuff like occupational therapy, and some meds.

In the meantime I was working to get into the VA Hospital an hour away. (I can't drive that far.)

I now have most of my meds covered and am still fighting for one.

But due to all the medical and pharmacy bills related to my service-connected disability I am losing the first home I have ever owned.

I have both medical bills and regular bills to pay because money went to medicine and am losing my home.

My husband works for a company and has a job that is hard on his back. He takes care of me, but it gets me down when I can't take care of him.

All I ask is if someone/anyone knows how we can get help. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I'm a volunteer to agencies that take care of Vets and I feel bad that I can't take care of my own issues.

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Apr 24, 2011
va debt
by: Anonymous

I did not get my 100% immediately. In fact it took me 25 years fighting to get it. I'm sorry that my situation sounds strange. Just because I am 100 % doesn't mean I get everything paid for. I fight every day to get my benefits. And I am not the only one.

Feb 12, 2011
Something does not sound right here
by: Anonymous

If you are service connected and receiving care at the VA you have NO Medical Costs at all for any service connected disability. If you are 50% or more you do not pay any co-pay at all. Something sounds wrong with your story in the sense that either you're not really service connected or there's more to your story that you haven't revealed.

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