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100 Per Cent Disabled Veteran And Single Dad Seeks Home Buying Grant Help

by Boyd Aarhus
(Temple, Texas, USA)

I am a 45-year-old male who is separated but trying to work it out. Also am also raising my 10-year-old son who lives with me full time.

My dad just died this year and my mom is suffering from dementia.

I served in the US Navy as an EOD Basic and hunted mines in the early 80s then went Naval Special Warfare and went to the Gulf War. I spent 19 years and four months on active duty.

I was shot by a sniper bullet through my stomach in 1998 and it paralyzed me for a few months. It caused spinal column damage and nerve damage so I am in constant pain and walk with a cane and walker.

That's not all. I was also slashed by a machete in my left shoulder. And both my knees have been replaced, the left one twice.

I suffer from extreme pain, but still do what I have to so I can take care of son.

I ended up having 21 surgeries so far and the last ones hurt my credit because being on fixed disability I could not pay for them so went on credit.

Last year I had colon cancer and that ended up causing more health problems. Now I have a tumor near my pancreas, which is affecting my ability to fight off infections.

I'm trying to relate the cancer to Gulf War syndrome.

I take 240 Mg of morphine for pain, use cane and walker and have a wheelchair as well.

I am 100% total and permanent through VA but of course they don't offer accessible housing so I need help getting a home.

They have house building giveaways for disabled vets, but I do not qualify because my time served in Iraq was sooner than 2001.

I cannot work at all because of the pain. I do get SSD, but it's not a lot, so I've been looking for grants.

It is hard to get a home when medical bills wipe out any and all money and force you to go on credit.

I'm still trying to clear credit from a divorce years ago. My ex-wife charged up everything on my name, signed my name as cosigner on loans and went on my credit.

I need any help I can get to help get a single-story home for my son and myself. Donations, grants, a builder nice enough to help out, whatever. I just want to live in a home that I can own and leave to my son.

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May 05, 2012
More problems
by: Anonymous

I have talked to the VA law reps and of course I got advice to dispute all medical bills on my credit, which I have over and over and the fair credit reporting act doesn't help. I am okay with it since I am still alive and yes being on all the morphine does make me tired.

I am now suffering from masses on my left adrenal gland that has affected my hormone levels and causing a lot of pain and mass near my bile duct of my pancreas.

Funny how all of us veterans of older wars are put to the end of line and the new Iraq and Afghanistan vets get to the head of the line over all other vets. I am in Classification Level One, the highest the VA has for appointments and treatment, but it doesn't apply for us older vets.

May 02, 2012
Texan Standoff
by: Ken

Hi Boyd,

With taking the prescribed morphine daily, it must be a challenge to keep your mind clear, but it sounds as though you have managed to. I really think that you should try a lawyer. Medical facilities will do anything to get their money; they have their stakeholders they have to stand in front of. They don't tell you all the details; they are in it for profit. It sounds to me like you have been turned around somehow. VA should be guiding you though these tough times. Please talk to a lawyer. Perhaps one on the previous comment. It can't hurt.

Take care,

May 02, 2012
VA and Lack thereof
by: Boyd Aarhus

Ken, thank you for looking up all the information. Funny thing I was in Chapter 31 VAVOCREHAB and was told when going to school the program would cover all civilian hospital bills because the hospital was more than an hour and forty dive minute drive. But they didn't say that the VA rejects all the bills even if it's an emergency (if they dont think it was) and even though the civilian hospital justified it.

That is why the medical bills added up. Don't believe the fair credit report act either. Even if they say medical it isn't allowed to appear on a credit report it is. I contacted all three and they all left it on even after I disputed it.

Right now the VA is taking their time even though I am on the classification of appointments immediately. They found three masses: one near the pancreas bile duct and two new ones on my adrenal gland. I tell them the left side of my stomach is in pain and the doctor told me it's muscular. So I'm now getting ready to go to civilian hospital and have more bills because the pain is not normal.

May 02, 2012
Temple of Doom
by: Ken

Hi Boyd,

I don't understand why you have medical bills?! Didn't the VA take care of that? What is wrong with the country? Here is an article for you to read:


I hope you get something out of this. It is quite a long read, but gives you lots of information.

This is another site that gives you more information. There are quick links on the bottom of the page that can help you find what you are looking for:


It's a terrible thing about all the wars going on that are not really doing anything (in my opinion) except costing so much money that we can't even take care of the people who fought for the cause. It's happening everywhere, and I can't see any improvements.

Sorry to hear about you predicament. Glad to see you are hanging in there for your son. I strongly advise you to contact a lawyer. These ones should be able to tell you what to expect in costs and give you a free consult:


Good Luck,

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