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100 Per Cent Disabled Veteran Seeks Grant Or Help Recovering VA Benefits

by Charles R. Gordon, Jr.
(Topeka, Kansas, USA)

I am a disabled veteran who has been homeless and I have lived all over The United States of America.

I would like to apply for a grant. I relocated here to Topeka Kansas after surgery at the Chicago VA Hospital.

I have a lot of medical and social problems since I got out of the army. I've worked at times at government jobs such as Page Arizona as a heavy-duty laborer at the Glen Canyon Dam.

While living in San Diego California, I obtained my degree in mechanical engineering at Pacific Coast Tech institute.

I got a master's degree in correction while going to correctional officer academy and was employed at the Joliet Correctional center.

I was assaulted while on the job in the cell house. I was too injured to keep working in that field so I relocated to Kansas and I worked in the state print shop for about six months.

The criminals caught up with me and assaulted me right here in downtown Topeka. They hate correction officers as well as veterans. I have been shot at several times.

But I worked until I got injured at Smithcraft Company in Phoenix, Arizona.

At the start of our present war I was employed at United Parcel service. I did one engineering change that made the line run better. They paid me for it.

Then I was hired to go work in the southern suburbs of Chicago. When work got short there I relocated to Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

I did details around Camp Shelby. I also did some teaching (forward observer principles), helping green soldiers whenever I could.

I got ill in Mississippi. The Jackson Veterans Administration awarded me service connected 100% disability and was paying me 50% with a whole lot of appeals.

They finally paid me 100%. Now they have assigned me a cruel fiduciary payee who only will give me $200 a month.

I cannot live off that amount of money. This guy is to me a stick-up man. He has already pulled a gun on me and mostly I feel it is a racial issue.

I need a grant to get money for food, gas and laundry. My van is broke down and I cannot afford to fix it because the payee will not give me the money.

I have written to him several times. His name is Mr. Radford. Who assigned this cruel robber to me is also responsible for the damages, and my hardships.

I am an African-American man. I appeal to you in the name of Jesus for financial help and also legal help to remove the oppression of the payee/fiduciary from my life.

I can handle my own money. This fiduciary is a scam to cause me undue hardships. Cruel and unjust people I do not even know are robbing me of my VA benefits.

I cannot keep my cell phone on because I cannot afford the minutes. I need any kind of grant.

I would like to ask for a donation from the victims' funds. I am a victim of cruel and unjust people.

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Aug 22, 2010
Disabled American Veteran
by: Anonymous

Go to a DAV office for help.

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