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100 Percent Disabled Veteran Seeks Government Housing And Disability Grant

by Jose J. Castillo Avila
(Tampa, FL, USA)

My name is Jose Castillo. I am right now living in New Tampa. I am looking for government housing and disability grants to live a happy life for the rest of it.

I have many symptoms regarding my disability. I was hospitalized for 2 weeks in San Juan in Puerto Rico after I came out of the Army with an honorable discharge.

On leaving the service I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and more recently with psychotic disorder.

I came out with medications but wasn't the same ever since I started working, which I couldn't handle as a normal person.

I fought for my compensation in Puerto Rico and they denied it. I had no choice but to go to the USA. My grandmother helped me out.

I started working around in Orlando where I arrived by plane. I ended up working in Fort Walton Beach but wasn't doing well.

All of a sudden I received a phone call when I was in my apartment. It was a cop saying "a brother of yours want to speak to you."

I told the cop to pass him through. It was my brother Bobby that I haven't seen in 23 years.

He said he was going to pick me up and take me to Tampa FL again. I ended up living in his mother's house, then my sister's house. But I wasn't good again so I was hospitalized again for 3 weeks in James A. Haley Hospital.

I did my application in the hospital and won my 70% compensation after 6 months while I was working as a security officer in a mall.

I sent in more evidence and got 100% permanent disabled veteran status. Before I got this, I was fired from the Security Officer position.

Right now I am living in The Marquis in New Tampa. I've got one year of lease to finish but it's not going good with the money since I have a lot of debt.

But then I won my case of Social Security Disability so it's going well now. I'm probably going to spend $1995 just to terminate the lease since this is so expensive, and then use my certificate of eligibility for the home loan.

I am looking for government housing and disability grant money to start things up. If anyone can help me out on these two grants, please give me some info.

I still have one more year of lease but if I can get a house I can pay this with my back pay to terminate my lease.

But I don't know when I will get it since there is no date on how to get the back pay of SSD.

Well thanks everyone for reading this, for your understanding for any information you can direct me to.

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