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100 Percent Disabled Vietnam Veteran Seeks Grant Money For Companion Dog

by Danny Cordell
(Spring Hill, Florida, USA)

Abbie II

Abbie II

I'm no writer, but when I saw this site it was an opportunity to ask for government grant money information from anyone who would listen, or just to tell my story.

Sometimes life deals that crappy hand, sometimes its golden eggs, well I'm not sitting around counting the golden eggs, but I do sit around and wonder what if.

I haven't been out of the house, or even left my property for almost five years, once to go to my mother's funeral and the other just to see how much things have changed. Well both didn't work out well.

I'm not complaining but being disabled 100% permanent and total from Vietnam, not entirely physical but a lot of it mental.

When I'm in public, my mind races constantly. It's like I'm always looking for the worst to happen or waiting for something to happen, its not long before I'm taking anxiety pill after pill and add that to the morphine the paranoia sets in big time.

I used to have this under control with my dog Abbie. When she was with me I could go anywhere, mostly because she could go anywhere. If my mind wasn't focused or I was eating, she was always on guard.

She never got overly excited, she had her own signals when it was time to move, this dog knew when, what, where, you name it this was one of the most perfect German Shepherds I've ever come across till now.

After Abbie's loss, life really wasn't much worth a damn, but I wasn't giving up that easy. After two years of searching I have found a puppy that IS Abbie.

I've been trying to save, but the $3,000 is not coming too fast, at fifty dollars every couple of weeks I'm afraid she will be getting old by the time I can save enough to where a deal can be struck.

I have my doubts and I guess that hurts the most. I'm not sure how long a man can continue with no companionship.

I guess I'm ashamed to say that at 58 years old, my eyes still swell with tears when I think of my relationship my dog and I had.

She would always listen, never begged, knew when I was in the dumps, and would always wake me when the dreams were unbearable. She was really special.

I guess just knowing this puppy is just 160 miles away is an awful feeling. Then again it's also a good feeling knowing that there is something special that close.

I don't gamble but I think I will take two dollars and get a lottery ticket. Yes it might be a one in a million chance, but that's a one in a million chance closer to a dream, a dream that hopefully will take me through my and her life.

Life is good. If anyone reads this… thanks! I've always wanted to tell of my story "Abbie and I" so deeply missed.

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May 27, 2015
Service Dog
by: SheilaKay Paris

Hi Dan, and the others who have been so helpful in the comments,

Have you been able to get a service dog yet? There seemed to be a lot of help from here, great resource links, and someone offering to pay.

I sure hope you are now partnered with the furry fellow that can help you. This is a great site to get that help. Don puts a lot of effort into it. He is also associated with Brian who also has a passion for the disabled:


Brian's site is also free, so if you still need a dog or any other resources, give it a look.

Hope you can write here soon to keep us posted of your situate and see if we can help further.

Take care, Dan. Many blessings!

Apr 17, 2014
Service Dog
by: Anonymous

I'm a 100%er thru the V.A. too. They are encouraging but not of any help. I was able to contact an agency up here and had an interview but have never been able to contact them since. They simply will not respond or else they don't really exist.

I understand how you feel. I have to live rurally because I can't deal with the cities. I built my own house and FB as it were and am surrounded by the forest with only one way in which I monitor. I can go out in my yard ok but leaving the area even to just get mail takes all I got. A trip to Walmart is sometimes terrifying and I never feel safe.

I would like a dog too but am unable to get one... I mean I can get a dog but not a trained one or somebody to show me how to train one. Some days are very dark and I get so lonely or feel so alone. Sometimes friends come by but they get tired of the same old stuff from me and the bad energy drives them away.

Good luck.

Mar 09, 2011
Money for Service dog
by: Kent

This is a followup to my earlier post. I have been in the looking phase for almost 6 months now. I was finally put in touch with WWW.VETDOGS.ORG and they have approved me for a service dog. The process of getting approved just takes time and the best part is that they donate the dog and training time to the veteran at no cost. The organization is part of the Guide Dog Foundation for the blind and their sole purpose is to take care of the Veterans.

Hope this helps others. I am waiting to meet a few dogs in the coming weeks in hopes that we can match up and then start the training.

Retired SFC
US Army

Mar 09, 2011
Just want to help
by: Information that Might Help

I do not know where you are located, but there is an organization in the Southeast that might be able to help. My grandson is blind and I am married to a Vietnam Veteran with PTSD. Service dogs are wonderful. I was ckecking on a guide dog for my grandson with the Lions Club and located Southeastern Guide Dogs. They train guide dogs for the blind. When a dog is not perfect for the use for the blind, meaning the dog may not like parked benches ect... nothing major. The dog is then trained for the use as a service dog for veterans. Veterans, such as yourself, are whom the dogs are trained for. The website is www.guidedogs.org. You can also located this site through the Lions Club website. I have spoken with the organization and they are very kind. If you are not located in the southeast they will put you in contact with someone in your area.

Good luck. I hope this information will assist you. There are times when my husband has to retreat to his "bunker." I know those are dark days. Maybe these people can assist you with a sevice dog and that animal can help spread some sunshine into your dark world. Thank you for your service to our country and for the sacrfice that service has cost you. GOD BLESS.

Oct 24, 2010
Service Dogs for Veterans
by: Anonymous


I volunteer with a non-profit organization called Hero Dogs Inc, dedicated to raising and training service dogs for wounded veterans. We are here to help.

We need your support to do so.

Please visit http://www.hero-dogs.org and please tell everyone you know to do the same.

Be well,

Sep 29, 2010
Feeling the hurt
by: Randy

I too am a disabled Vietnam combat vet who just recently lost his best friend of 14 years. Her name was Gizmo and she was the most precious and devoted furry friend I have ever had. Ever since she has been gone, I have felt so dramatically isolated that I feel like it is killing me inside.

Even though I am 100% disabled, I do not use the VA Medical system because of several incidents of misdiagnoses by different doctors at our local facility. I'm sure getting a service dog is impossible enough with a VA doctor's recommendation.

I hope the best for you. I know what you are experiencing. I'm about at the end of my road at 58 years of age and wondering whether it's even worth it to continue living. I don't have the money to afford a service dog either, especially just after fighting to save my home from foreclosure. I hope the best for you brother. We seem to have been forgotten by most of the country.

Good Luck Brother!
Hope the best for you!

Jul 23, 2010
VA Mediscal System
by: Kent

I am also classified as 100% disabled and unable to work. Recently I have started having seizures and am no longer allowed to drive for at least six months due to these seizures. I use the VA Medical system in Providence RI and the doctors are currently looking into getting me a companion dog.

As you would expect, this is not happening very fast and is not even a sure bet. I was actually very surprised to find out that even with the high number of Vets they work with this request for a companion dog is not a normal process.

I do not know if you have thought about going this route or not but the more vets that ask the better the chance this valuable service could become more common. Good luck.

Jun 29, 2010
by: Dan

I just want to say thank you to those that have responded. I'm sure it's a long shot and most likely won't happen in this economy, but I will continue trying. And thanks to the people that put this site together. It may not happen for me but someday it may happen for another person who lives this life, and believe me it will make all the difference between going on and giving up.

If my posting helps someone else in the way I would want, then it was successful, and to the poster that watched the presentation of what a service dog is, thanks for taking the time to see and understand how important they are. They're not a pet, they're a life saver.

May 27, 2010
Potential Donor Response
by: Don from Accessible.Org

Hi Dan,

I'm taking your comment to mean that you won't mind being put in touch directly with a potential donor.

So now, all that remains is for the potential donor to contact us with his/her information and I can put the two of you together.

This may or may not happen.

In any case, I wish you the best. As a dog owner myself, I know how valuable they can be as companions.

You might want to consider being open to other breeds of dogs.

May 25, 2010
For real?
by: Dan

Don I don't understand this. Is there a place where I send my address and email? I don't quite understand about asking strangers for $2,500 for a service dog. Surely people don't just give money away. I've been working with this breeder for two years and he won't even budge a penny. The pup with the collar in the middle is the one I want. They're specially imported from Germany and are some of the top bred dogs in the country. Hopefully this is not another year of disappointment. Every year I pass because of cost. Maybe with what little I got I can help someone elsewhere someone would/could use something I can afford. Thanks for getting me out there.

May 24, 2010
How to send money...
by: Don from Accessible.org

In answer to the previous comment, we have to privately put people in touch with one another. Here's what to do...

First, wait for a response from Danny telling us that he wants to be put in touch with a donor.

Second, we would like both giver and receiver to contact us through our Contact Us page.

Third, we'll put the two parties together.

Sorry about the several steps, but we want to be sure to protect people's privacy.

Thanks for your understanding!

May 24, 2010
How do I send money for vet's service dog?
by: my help

How do I send Danny money? I've seen what companion and service dogs do. I went and watched a presentation of a service dog today. It was a wonderful, fulfilling experience. This guy wants a dog, not a hundred thousand, or a car, or a house... just a companion. I hope we're not 40 years too late.

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