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14 Year Old Boy Looking For Government Housing Assistance For A Family Of Five

by Zachery Lowman
(Anniston, AL, USA)

I'm a 14-year-old boy looking for government housing assistance for a family of five. We really need some financial assistance, or any assistance, to have a real home.

We live in a small house and off of a very low income. We're four people now and my oldest brother is about to be moving in.

My mother is disabled with multiple problems and is drawing only enough money to keep the bills paid. My father was in a bad accident when he was young and he came close to death. He too is disabled and has no source of income.

He has been looking for a job for months and is yet to be hired. He is trying for Social Security Disability now.

The plantation house we live in is almost 100 years old. It used to have only three rooms. They've added bedrooms over the years, but there is no insulation in the walls and the floors are uneven.

Everything about the house is old and falling down. In some of the rooms, the roof leaks. The attic we have is full of spiders, rats and other rodents.

All of the floors in the main part of the house are tearing up and falling apart. The bathroom is also falling apart and in desperate need of repair.

In the kitchen, the floors are falling in and you can see the outside through the cracks in the walls. Our oven is burned out and the stove doesn't work properly.

It gets very cold in the winter and it's hard to pay the power bill with the few heaters we use to stay warm enough to live. Windows are missing seals and termites have eaten up just about everything.

Our front door is covered up with boards from where it was busted into. Some windows are broken and we had to board them up to keep the cold winds out.

It would take just a rough blow of wind and this house would fall down. We really need a new house that we could be happy about for once in our lives.

We will be extremely appreciative of any help we can receive. Some government housing grant money, or any assistance at all, financial or otherwise, would make such a difference in our lives.

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Sep 12, 2009
You are a brave young man!
by: Robin Guild

Dear 14-year old,

I admire your bravery and your desire to take care of your family. Your story has touched my heart, and I hope that you and your family receive the help you desperately need. You have expressed yourself well so, don't give up, and hopefully others will feel as I do.

Mr. Robin Guild

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