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17 Year Old Grandson Seeks Grant Money For Disabled Single Parent Grandmother

by Kevin Griggs
(Paris, Illinois, USA)

My name is Kevin Griggs. I'm from Paris Illinois. I'm writing for my wonderful single-parent grandmother.

My grandmother has been raising my two older brothers and me since I was three years old. I'm currently 17.

My mother left when I was three and hasn't been back since and my father went to prison.

I know my grandmother is probably supposed to write this but she can't even use the Internet.

She gets a disability check and has been raising us three off it for years. She makes $11,000 a year.

She just beat lung cancer, while dealing with foot disease, vascular disease and many other problems. I'm really worried about her and I have absolutely no one and nowhere to turn to but this website.

I want to go to the Marines when I graduate but I'm struggling to do so.

Five years ago, my grandmother got diagnosed with cancer that she got from smoking.

She currently has vascular disease and reflex synthetic dystrophy in her feet that was diagnosed when she was 31 and she's currently 63.

She has trouble walking and does less and less everyday.

Our financial hardship is severe. My grandmother makes $11,000 a year and was and has been raising three kids for 18 years off of that.

She buys herself nothing and struggles every month to pay rent in our house.

She can't get a job because all of her medical conditions. And she can't walk very well.

All my grandmother can get is food stamps and a disability check every month. She has not gotten any money from no one. No church. No donations.

It's hard to get help when no one will offer.

Neither my mother nor my father gives her any help.

All I'm looking for is a government grant to get my grandma some money so she can buy the stuff we need to live with some dignity.

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Sep 25, 2011
Nothing to do
by: kevin

No I didn't... but I'll be 18 in a couple of weeks. We have talked to many attorneys... there's no point nor hope.

Sep 20, 2011
Annoyed in Ilinois
by: Ken

Hi Kevin,

Did you try those sites I sent to you? There is help out there, but it doesn't come to you; you have to find it. Think of it as a treasure hunt, and there is a lot of competition looking for the same thing in the same area. The first one there get's it. Maybe you have heard that the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

You will have to be vocal but not overbearing or obnoxious. Try to be firm with the people you speak with, but make sure you have the facts right. The easiest way is to be honest and speak from the heart and not a steamy head. There are a lot of links to the left of this message too. Leave your message to every political link you can find.

This will take hours and hours of work on your behalf. Don't give up either. They won't answer you right away, maybe not at all, so then find advocate that will resubmit your letters. Wait for a couple of weeks then send again, ask for a reply, always. Also ask them if you have sent it to the right department and if not could they please forward you an address for the proper department. There are usually two or three doing the same job. It gets twisted from there, so put them all in a new folder for quicker reference. Do this to about five a day to different sites.

If you know how, build a blog or get a friend to help you come up with a good slogan, like "New Demographics for the Disabled" to start with. Where is the money going to come from if people can't be cared for in their own homes, while they still have them? Can we really send them to long-term care facilities? Don't you think that keeping them at home will cost the taxpayers much less than a private facility, usually around $3000 a month? Why can't they pay that to your family instead of some private for-profit facility? You could be better off at $2000 and save the governments $2000 a month by being a caregiver. Seek and you shall find! There is no rest, sleep or any other life right now except working 18 hours a day on this.

Do you want to just feel sorry for yourself as you have made many feel that way for you already? Que sera, sera, and if it's to be it's up to me. Yourself! It's a lot to do for a 17 year old, but make a name for yourself as an advocate. Join them; go to media. Politicians hate it, so they have to act. TV, papers, letter to the editors, concerned groups about how pensions will be depleted. Use anything you can come up with.

Fight for your life, where will it end when Grandma goes? Also think of the other people in worse conditions than yourself.

God Bless and give you the strength,

Sep 19, 2011
No Child Support
by: kevin

My grandmother has tried to get child support but she doesn't have a job and hasn't had one for years because she doesn't have child support. She's currently over $30,000 behind.

Sep 16, 2011
by: Ken

Dear Kevin,

This is terrible, you need to talk to someone, I'll give you some sites, paste and copy to your browser:


That one might be your first step and here is another:


And here is one more:


I think you should contact this site as well, I think it is your Congressman


Something is really wrong with this picture! Send your letter to all of them. Take a copy of it to your city hall, welfare office. Someone has to listen. This is not fair when you say your mother hasn't been back. Do you never talk? If not I would mention that, because she may have remarried or whatever, and she owes you and your awesome grandma lots! The welfare office or any of the other sources could find her. Hope this helps.


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