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18 Wheeler Accident Disabled Man Seeks Government Housing Grant

by Robert
(Columbus, Georgia, USA)

This is it! I hope this reaches the President, and he can read this story. We know were not the only ones going through this.

We believe there are many folks from all walks of life that are going through what we are.

I was a divorced father with one child. My son and I moved from Indiana to Georgia so my son could get closer to his mother. I didn't want him to grow up not knowing who his mother was.

I met my wife (Patricia) in 1987. She had two baby boys, James two, and Johnathon four. She had been a widow for about one year. Her husband had been killed in a automobile accident.

I was doing cable TV construction, and I was traveling out of town. She offered to watch my son, Bobby, seven years old, which was great.

When I would come back in town she would let me stay at her home. She was my best friend EVER, and my son really loved her a lot! We had a church wedding on March 25, 1989.

I had been working a new job driving 18-wheelers, but my wife wanted me closer to home so I got a job as a dump truck driver and started on March 28, 1989, three days after getting married.

The rest is history. This is what was told to me, as I could not remember any of the events even to this day. The day I started my new job, I hit an 18-wheeler head on, just THREE DAYS AFTER THE WEDDING!

My wife sure didn't need this happening to her again!!! I lay in a coma for three days, when I got a little better. I had the top part of my head torn from my scalp.

I had X-rays and they said that I had a ruptured disc in my back and needed surgery to fix my back. Well two surgeries later, I was disabled for LIFE.

Patricia was a pre-school teacher, and she fell in the bathroom and hit the commode. She needed six surgeries to repair her back. They finally put in rods and screws in her back, and she is disabled!!!

James the youngest is ADHD. He was born that way. Johnathon went through a traumatic event when his girlfriend of over five years left him. It brought out a gene he was born with. He is schizophrenic. He hears voices. So they are both disabled

Bobby the oldest is fine. He is serving our country in the Air Force, married, and with a baby on the way.

Here's the problem's my family and I are facing right now. Even as I type away and in no certain order, it's raining outside now and our roof leaks looks like parts of the ceiling want to fall in with large cracks and spores? Mildew?

Some of the bricks look wet and you can see water coming out between some of the bricks, inside the house. The dining room floor and now the kitchen floor are starting to buckle up.

Underneath the sink, the wall has holes with water coming out when the sink drains. Our home sweet home is falling apart right in front of us and it seems as if there is nothing I can do to stop it!

I e-mailed the senator from my district and to his credit he wrote back with some names and numbers. I called them and was given more names and numbers. I called them all, but no one could help, other than to give me more names and numbers.

All this happened nine months ago. I've written to HAP, HUD, STATE, CITY, FEDERAL, VA, just about any one I thought could help me and my family live the American dream!

We are in an organization called NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness), and it's a great place to go. It gives you hope for family and life. I was raised to believe you have to have trust and faith in who you areā€¦ and I do!

I hope someone with great influence reads this and understands what's going on here. We don't have time to be put on a waiting list. We need help now!

I want to make it clear I'm hurt that I had to come this far. If we could have had help nine months ago, our home would not have so much damage done to it now.

So if anyone out there can help point us in the right direction, we would be most appreciative and in debt to you for life. God bless and happy holidays.

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Oct 10, 2011
Work related injuries?
by: Anonymous

Hi Robert Koonce,

Have you and your wife filed workers compensation benefits for both your work related injuries?

Aug 30, 2010
Who can help?
by: Robert,Koonce

It's unreal to read my story still! Would you believe it has almost been one year to the date I wrote it and we've not yet had a reply.

Our home is almost in total ruins. The floors are buckled up in our living room now. If any kind of inspector came through our home they would condemn it! We have no place else to live! NO PLACE!

I'm trying to do all I can. This is a hard thing to do. I don't know if I'm even doing it right. If I had the money I would not be here asking, begging, crying, for help!

I can't give up! If I don't keep pushing myself, praying, believing, having hope... well then, WHO CAN?

Dec 17, 2009
Thank you for posting our story!
by: Robert,Koonce

Thank you all at Accessible.Org for posting my family's story. If there is a happy ending to this you will be the first to know. Again thanks Donald, and happy holidays to you. Robert.

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