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20 Year Old Bipolar Disabled Son And Mother Seek Government Grant

by Michael Heim
(Rochester, NY, USA)

I'm a 20-year-old guy. I've been disabled with bipolar disorder for some time now. It makes things hard for me. I never finished high school.

I tried to get a job this year for me and my mom who is fully disabled with rheumatoid arthritis. It's been hard this year for us. Living on SSI and food stamps is very difficult.

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We've tried cutbacks… still didn't help. I never got child support when I was a kid. My mom and I split all the bills. I pay half of all the bills. The worst is the car loan. We barely make it each month.

Now my own mom can't get a cheaper loan because due to the economy her car is worth less then the loan. We had to get a cosigner for it. It was our friend's mother who did so and she's 80 years old. We can't get the loan out of her name.

If that isn't bad enough, my mom had to file bankruptcy due to me losing my SSI about a year ago. Now I'm in debt. We struggle every month and I fear for her due to the stress of money. Her doctor says she's a walking heart attack.

Plus it's been hard these few years since my oma and opa (grandparents) died eight days apart. My uncles took all the inheritance so that didn't help either.

But there is hope that we might be able to get a grant

A grant would help relieve the stress from both of us and help us for the rest of the year. And maybe we could have a good month and Christmas.

It's hard staying positive even at church. A grant would help us so much. I would be able to take care of her and myself and maybe have a wonderful Christmas.

So I pray to God every day for help and I hope the prayer will be answered. We would be grateful for any help provided to help us to a better life. God Bless. Michael Heim.

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Dec 06, 2009
Thank You!
by: Michael

Hello to all and thank you for your comments and support. Although I lost my SSI a year ago, I got it back this summer. Sorry for any misunderstanding.

Nov 30, 2009
You have other options. Go get 'em!
by: Anonymous

Dear Michael,

I have a bipolar adopted child, who is now 26 and has twins, a boy and a girl. Her adoptive father and I divorced when she was 13. It is so strange in life. I remember a saying "what goes around comes around" from my precious maternal grandmother.

My father who died at the hands of an incompetent surgeon always said, "The chickens always come home to roost. It may not happen in a week or a month, or a year, but it happens."

First things first, you must get an indigent attorney (one who serves the needy), to help you get what is coming to you from your grandparents -- paternal I think right? Did your mother ever file for child support? Get all of the documents together, and go get 'em, okay? Right always wins my dear.

Now, as for your medicine, you need to contact the manufacturer for indigent status and they will give you your meds. Go online to the manufacturer and tell them your SSI was canceled. Bipolar is a lifetime problem, but treated with the right meds, you are able to function properly, okay?

Being off meds is very unsafe. Where do you live? You must hire an attorney that will fight for your disability, and Medicaid. You are entitled to it and they even offer work programs for you to learn a trade.

Do not lie down and give up. Fight for what is right in this issue. I got my daughter hers at age 21. Realize I am a nurse, and knew something was wrong!! I did not ignore my child. She went to several psychologists. No one ever said to take her to a psychiatrist, which was what she needed. It took her nearly dying and two admits to the hospital. The last time we almost lost her. She literally was on the vent with ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) and 3rd degree burns on her lungs.

The pulmonologist told me -- in front of her -- that she would not get off the vent and would be dead in 72 hours. Needless to say I fired him and told the ICU nurses that only in an emergency were they to call him. He needed to stay away from my child, period!!! Instead, I wanted his partner, who had been my deceased mother's pulmonologist. I will not mention names, as that is slander. I will tell you this.

We live in St. Bernard parish, the true ground zero of hurricane Katrina. We took 7.5 ft of water in a no-flood zone with no flood insurance. Then I had to fight for my disability for three years. I had to get a new attorney and only got three months back pay. It has been a nightmare for us too!! My husband works; however, he is totally deaf. We moved a total of five times post-Katrina, the last time to get home.

God bless you! Now get busy, okay? You have to try to help yourself first. It is imperative. Get a good attorney for your disability. If your bio father worked, that is great!! Shame on men who do not take responsibility for their children. They are nothing more than a donor. However they will meet their maker and believe me it will not be good. What a coward!! Get busy, okay?

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